Colors of Himachal : Kalpa, Chitkul in Monsoon

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Amit Sharma, very well written travelogue with some truly beautiful photos! :cool:
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Amit, fabulous updates.
Thanks for your kind words. I have read your travelogues multiple times and I really like your style of narration :). Your logs will be of real help to me someday when I plan to go to Kashmir.

A nice travelogue; beautiful photos!
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Hi All, Sorry for bringing last day late. I was too much occupied with work since last few weeks with no weekend off :( :shock:

Today is the same day, when we started our trip last year on 10th August :):)

Day 5 - Narkanda - Hatu Peak - Chandigarh
Coming back to the log, We got up late on 5th day( 14th Aug) and had heavy breakfast in Hotel Hatu. Plan for last day was to visit Hatu Peak and then start the return journey by noon. On a clear sunny day, one can see great Himalayan range. But it was raining since morning that day. Still we wanted to give it a try. Hatu peak is nearly 9 Kms from Narkanda and last leg of 6 Km is really narrow and a steep climb :twisted::twisted:

There is hardly a space for a cars to reach at the top. At times you have to wait at turns to give space to others to pass. Definitely the climb is tough test for riders. At the peak, there is Hatu Devi temple famous among the locals. After offering prayers, we found that bike tire of our friend was punctured :shock::shock:.

Morning at HPTDC Hatu


The view was good with clouds playing hide and seek

Flowers in lawn at Hotel

Some repair work was going near temple in last year


Hatu temple with slight drizzle and clouds

Our raincoats were on for the whole day



Going back to Narkanda was slightly easier as we had to go downwards only. In that heavy rain, we had tough time in finding a repair shop. Finally we found one and meanwhile we picked our luggage from hotel. Little did we know then that the easiest part of journey will turn out to be the toughest day of our trip :twisted::twisted:

Somehow when the Rains God calmed a bit, we started on our way back at 12.30 PM. Our journey was interrupted several times that day with heavy rains, at times we had to take shelter under shed of closed shops. All throughout the day we travelled in drizzle. We had a lunch break at Fagu near Kufri. Coz of rains our cameras were in bags only for remaining part of the day.

By evening we entered Shimla and for couple of hours it was clear sky. By the time we crossed Shimla it was 7 PM. After that what we witnessed was a thick fog with heavy rains. Visibility was reduced to barely few meters. We moved slowly and cautiously. There were minor landslides on the way and we could see small rocks on the highway :(:(

The fog was playing hide and seek with us, everything would be clear for a minute and at next turn you will be engulfed in thick fog with no idea on which side to turn. We had our dinner break at 11 PM at Dharampur. After midnight the drive was pretty much smooth as weather cleared up as we were nearing the plains. Before entering Himalayan expressway, we could see lights of Chandigarh from a distance. We felt a sense of closeness to the home. At 2 AM we reached back on 15th August. Although it was independence day, but away from nature we felt being back in clutches of day-today hassles and so called fast life :confused::confused:

We thanked God on completion of our journey safely and making it successful with no rains for major part of the journey. The trip experience was awesome and with adventurous last day we learnt that nature is unpredictable and we should respect it. Irrespective of how much we plan, there is always an element of surprise when we see nature closely :):)

Thank you all for reading the tale. Hopefully I will have more journeys to share the tale with you all:grin: