Coming back to life - Zanskar, August 2017

Yogesh Yadav

Travel is the healthiest addiction.

Nelson returned home today however he's been informed that he needs to return offshore within a week. He will be back only by 27th July and we depart on 3rd August. That's a double whammy since this implies that we need to try and fit the major To-Dos into this week and Nelson gets barely 2 weeks before we leave to sort things out at his end.

Nelson and Ajay will travel to Grant road to look for the remaining spares and the elusive puncture kit (for tubed tyres) this week. A puncture practice is on the cards as well. The last time me and Nelson tried this, we landed up breaking one of the brake pads on the rear disc brake of my bike. Hence, we go slightly educated into it. Nelson's bike will serve as the guinea pig this time.

Sunday, 2nd July, all of us meet to finalize the pending tasks and I have hundreds of questions on our preparedness. We'll keep you posted!!
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Yogesh Yadav

Travel is the healthiest addiction.

Nelson was missing from the previous pics where we displayed how the bikes have been setup. Here he is now.
He's a piece of art. Care to ask him where he got all that stuff that's with him on his bike and chances are that he wouldn't know or have a contact for you. Typical answer is X, Y or Z helped me get it.
But he tops the list in terms of technical skills (read repairs/troubleshooting).


Yogesh Yadav

Travel is the healthiest addiction.
Superb.Waiting for more.

The mod on Nelson's bike for extra fuel is perfect. Can you give out more info on that please.
Glad you like it. Believe it or not, getting this thing done in Mumbai is quite a task. Purely because it's a one-off job and the payoff (margin) isn't that great considering the amount of time it requires i.e pipe bending, measurements etc. They don't want to take up this job. I'm particularly interested in getting this made for my Himalayan since there's no way to carry beers on the bike now after the knuckle guards got installed. :drinkers:

Allroy referred Nelson to a guy who did it. The frame mounted on Allroy's Honda was also made by the same person (Ajay - 9594893353 at Goregaon East). Here are some pics to show how it gets attached to the frame.




Yogesh Yadav

Travel is the healthiest addiction.

We had decided to preview and plan the train transportation for the bikes. Although there exists a lot of information on this task, there were outstanding questions and we decided to go there and see that and have our modus operandi planned.

Me and Nelson headed to Bandra Terminus and met the CPS (Chief Parcel superintendent) directly to have one important question answered. Can 4 bikes be transported on the same train? The answer was a simple YES and basically stating that if there is space in the luggage compartment, they can go. That was encouraging and we asked about documentation formalities. We were told to be present 12 hours in advance to book a slot on the train just in case someone else shows up. We will have to get the bike's Registration, ID proof and a copy of the confirmed ticket. We plan to be there by afternoon on the 2nd August 2017 (3rd is the travel date), sort things out, obtain a tracking number (they issue you a tracking number and you also receive an SMS once the bikes get loaded) and head back home which is barely 15 minutes away.

Next we headed over to one of the stations where we had seen a scooter all packed up for transportation. We wanted to see how it gets packed up. As luck would have it, there were in fact 5 other bikes going on the train. We witnessed first hand how they get packed up, loaded on the train. We spoke to the loaders, agents and the travelers about how the process works.

After summing it all up, we aspire to try and escape the agents and get this done on our own. Easier said than done we know, let's see how that goes. Here are some pics from that outing.

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View attachment 718495


Yogesh Yadav

Travel is the healthiest addiction.
4/7/2017: Puncture practice.

The 2 Himalayans and the Thunderbird going for the trip have tubed tyres. It took a great deal of effort getting the front and rear tubes for the Himalayans. Service centers, CEAT dealers, puncture shops had absolutely no clue where to get tubes for the front 120/90-17 and the rear 90/90-21 tyres. I wrote to CEAT about it and received silly calls asking me to buy a new tyre instead. I tracked down some of their Area Sales managers via LinkedIN and they didn't seem to know as well. FInally, i wrote to their CEO Mr. Anant Goenka requesting a comment on the matter and why his team and sales network are clueless about the tubes on the Himalayan tyres. Within a day i received a call asking me to be patient and that tubes will be couriered to me. Having lost hope in the interim, i had approached most of RE's service centers and then me and Nelson visited Ishna Motors, Goregaon and luckily found the tubes for both tyres. We picked up 4 each. CEAT called the same day and i informed them that i had tubes now. They were crazy enough to say that they had arranged the tubes that i had got without even knowing where i got them from. LOL!!!

Once the tubes were sorted for the Himalayans, we got down to learning how to do punctures on our own. Tools were purchased, videos were watched and we started off at Nelson's place. We removed the rear tyre on the Himlayan to practice on since getting it back on is more difficult than the front one. Opening up the tyre turned out to be much trickier than we thought. We put in both rods and tried to yank the tyre out. The rods were stuck in and wouldnt budge and the pulling and pushing was scratching the tyre rim.

We decided to take the tyre to a puncture shop and learn from the Master himself. Turned out to be pretty good. We had the puncture guy do it himself once and listened patiently and then Nelson did one from A-Z on his own and did it quite well. Let it be noted that Nelson's initiative is highly appreciated on this front and that we vow to pay Nelson for doing our punctures if they come up during the trip (while we click some pictures here and there, LOL!!!)

Nelson: Yogesh claimed that he had done this before and was actually the first person to try out once the master had finished the demo. Of course, he quickly realised it was harder than it looked, however since I have grown up with a Dad who basically wanted to fix anything on his own and also because I was willing to listen to feedback from the master, the whole repairing the puncture task didn't seem so difficult but there was something he was using that we won't have on this trip which is an old rickshaw tyre to stabilize the rim and prevent the disc brake from touching the ground. We are gonna be in for a tough challenge if we do get a puncture on this trip and if I am able to get it all together, Ajay and Yogesh are gonna pay for my fuel for the rest of the trip and of course, also take photographs. Also, I have to add that getting the rear wheel back on the Himalayan is a bigger task than actually fixing the puncture. It required 3 of us to do it. I hope there is a simpler way and will try to get a demo from someone who has done it before.




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