Computer config under 25k


A friend of mine is looking to buy a new computer and has a budget of Rs. 25,000.

It is basically going to be a general purpose machine, which should be able to last for next few years without any major issue, should have an LCD monitor (I guess a given these days) and wireless keyboard/mouse if possible.

Any ideas/suggestions?


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Is he looking for a branded one or want to assemble the same ?

A decent configuration with Core2Duo processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD and 19" LCD can be assembled within the budget.


I paid 25K exactly a year back for my desktop.

I got a 20" LCD, 4 gig ram, 500 gig HDD, AMD 2.x Dual Core, nVidia chipset Mobo, External TV Tuner Card, Creative Inspire 4.1 Speakers, corded keyboard mice...

Things would have only gotten better now! :)


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I'll suggest one most basic thing.

Make sure it is capable enough of allowing future expansions, dissipating heat, and also has a generous flow of air.

Many guys I know have got decent comps on their home desks; but to me, the cabinets are just fancy trash.


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25K is a lot of money for a computer(unless you are looking at a gaming rig with a 15K graphics card).
Infact, you can get a budget gaming rig(with 3-4K gaming card) for as low as 26-27K with a nice 19-21" LCD monitor.


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Nopes, unless you don't get a graphic card and keep memory <3 GB and HDD<320 GB. But it is difficult.

i5 not possible.

I got mine for 29K. 2.93 Core2duo, 500 GB HDD, 4 GB RAM, Nvdia Grapics card 512 MB. 19" LCD, Speakers, multimedia mouse, keyboard, iball cabinet, UPS and 1 year warranty.


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In a budget system, its better to go AMD. Look at i5 etc., if you are building a 35K machine.