Consolation One Day Round Ride (Mumbai-Chiplun-Kumbharli-Karad-Mumbai)


Deepak Dongre
Hi All,

Missed out on the longer version- couldn't join Alkesh, Parimal and Dhananjay on their ride to Chorla and neither could accompany Glen and Revel who're off riding to Mangalore. Just coming out of fever and mom screaming to stay back home- decided to go out on a consolation one day ride. Spoke to the Chorla Trio and decided to catch up with them for lunch at Chiplun and later come riding back to Mumbai taking via Kumbharli Ghat.

Planned to leave at 5.30 in the morning but eventually left at 9.30. Was a lovely cruise on NH17 and Kashedi was absolutely gorgeous on the ascend- though on the descend there are lot of chipped-off patches. Reached Chiplun around 1.45 with the gang waiting for me. Had a satisfying lunch at Abhishek's and came back to Mumbai enjoying the lovely Kumbharli Ghat (just like Kashedi it was awesome on the ascend and bad on the other side). From Pune to Khopoli was a mad ride and a complete torture for my P150 chasing Parimal's ZMA :p Stopped over at Rishabh Khopoli for dinner before crashing home late in the night- dozed off with a satisfied mind. Thanks to Alkesh, DJ and Pari for the wonderful company mid-way.

The route and distance:

Mira Road-Thane-Panvel-Wadkhal-Mangaon-Mahad-Poladpur-Khed-Chiplun-Kumbharli Ghat-Patan-Umbraj-Satara-Pune and back: 729 kms.

And here are a very few pics- not much scenery, clicked the roads most of the time.

Rest of the pics here.

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Deepak Dongre
Thanks Kartik & Amit.

@Amit: Didnt click much pics- there are some more, but they might seem repetitive.


Deepak Dongre
Ok here you go- all the initial pics were clicked from my mobile (you can make out from the spot on the pic on the top right). Later clicked pics from friend's cam and it came out really bad :(



Hemant Jawale
Lovely pics and ride Deepak..

Can you pls tell me about the condition of the Karad-chiplun road? Is it smooth tarmac like NH17?


Deepak Dongre
@Amit: Glad you liked the rest of the boring pics. You flatter too much Sir ;)

@Brian: Actually I had planned to do a 1000 km ride. Initial plan was to ride till Nandgaon/Talere. Take Phonda/Bavda and exit to Kolhapur and ride back to Mumbai. But then the rest of the gang decided to meet up at Chiplun and plus I was already 4 hours late to leave. Will do it some other day.

@Roamer: From Chiplun till the start of Kumbharli Ghat...the roads are just awesome. 3/4th of the ghat section is a mixed bag- but not bad. The last section is an absolute race track- tile flat roads with beautifully banked corners. But that is where the fun ends. The descend is really bad- though it ends quickly. Till Paatan are patchy/chipped-off roads. The 12 km section from Paatan till Umbraj is heaven. So all in all- the ocassional bad section is quite bearable for the larger part of the beautiful ride- worth doing once.