Contact details of HPTDC Hotels (Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation)


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Re: Contact details of HPTDC Hotels (Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation

In Manali , you may opt for Kumzam or Rohtang Manalsu depending upon your preference as below -

Kunzam - Centrally located - bang on the mall road, bit smaller rooms(relatively), food is good.
Manalsu - A bit bigger rooms, located around 500m away from the mall road. A bit older but tidy.

Cleanliness and food should be at par .If you want to comprmise with smaller rooms and would like to stay on the mall, Kunzam is better of the two. However, if you want a peaceful location , Manalsu is good pick.


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I am sharing the map of all HPTDC properties at the below link. While it is not a list of contacts, but in today's GPS age a placemark on the map is as good as a contact detial :)
Having location on map helps make me faster decisions and surveys. Hope it is of help for the community. Check the full resolution screenshot here and the actual map on Google Maps here.



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HPTDC Raison - does it not exist anymore? It does not appear in the map above, nor in HPTDC website. But it is mentioned in the first post of this thread.

If it really does not exist now, any suggestion of hotel for a night halt in that region, in peak season? The idea is to break the journey while coming from Sissu side to Kalka / Chandigarh.