Control Camera Wirelessly with TP-LINK MR3040


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When experience speaks, we all listen. Thanks for sharing your valuable inputs RT sir.
I totally agree, Canon vs Nikon is BS discussion. A good image has no "religion".
You hit the nail on the head.
I once told someone recently,
if you give the best Nikon and Canon camera to a monkey
does not mean there will be good images.


ok, who is Nikon man and who is Canon man.

I was Nikon man 30 years ago. Then moved over to Canon.
have owned Canon EOS 1000, then changed to a Nikon, then back to Canon with EOS 3 two bodies, EOS 1, and now 5D Mk3 and 7D, Panasonic GH4, Soni NEX6, NEX7.

In those years the main reason why Professionals around the world changed over to Canon
This was cause Nikon had the autofocus motor in the body, and it was a coupler link to the autofocus mechanism inside lens.
Canon had every thing inside the lens body, so advantages were huge.
Also Canon was the first to come out with USM technology, which radically changed lenses,
super fast and accurate autofocus. So which ever company came out with a camera body or lens,
the market made a comparison with Canon.

Since then all companies have adopted the USM technology, including after market lens manufacturers like Sigma

At the beginner and Amateur level, the Mirrorless cameras are breaking the back of Nikon and Canon, price wise and Meg Pix wise.
But even today, at all the shoots I find Professionals using Canon, why not Nikon, I have never understood this.

Today, at my or our level, it does not matter what camera you use,
it is the eye and brain behind the camera that matters.
On all the shoots i go for, no team used WiFi, everything is hard wired, whether it is still or video.
It is only at the common mans level that these Si Fi gadgets like Wi Fi suddenly becomes a deciding factor.
for me personally, on all my road trips, I don't have time for Wi Fi on camera to transfer images, or while shooting.
But since i am bored to death at home, i have ventured to experiment with Wi Fi for Time Lapse and only for LRT Ramping.

Another aspect people ask me, which all filters to buy. Simple answer, NONE.
just put a plane glass filter to protect that expensive piece of glass you bought.
All sensors are pre protected for UV.
And never shoot with a filter. You want the original image always.
do what ever manipulation you want digitally on ur PC.
And never save changes to original images.
If you want to add a Hue to your images, do it digitally on a PC.

At amurture level and bigger lever, when guys ask me which camera to buy,
it tell them all the same thing, go and buy the camera that will come for the money in your pocket.
they all perform the same. If you like the look of one camera, buy it. Don't worry about performance. Performance is at a cost.

Then another question they ask is , I want good crisp images. Well, if you dd not have money in the pocket, you cannot afford the lens
Canon L series lens are crisp, and for every f stop bigger one wants, the price doubles.

I always wanted L lenses, so had to compromise by buying f 4.0 lens.
take 200mm f 2.8 cost 53000
it jumps to 4 Lakhs for a f 2.0

Another aspect in technology that shot the cost up was Fluorite elements in the lens.

In the good old days I sold 1 negative for Rs 500. So in 1 roll i could sell about 5 images, at times only 1 image.
Now off course i don't do any shoots on the ground.
aerial shoots only. Video and Stills. And i get my 50,000 for 1 day. I am happy .
Yesterday a guy approached me to test his 360 deg coverage camera set up on my Drone
he wants to get into VR.
So if his project takes off, well, he will use my drones to carry his pack of 6 cameras.

Those are some wise words every newbie should read.
I wanted to use wifi with the 3060 for this
'Wi Fi for Time Lapse and only for LRT Ramping.'
I also agree tethering via hard wire is the best option.