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Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier claims – new variants of Corona arising due to vaccination


May 21, 2021

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Video: Nobel Prize winner Luke Montagnier claims - new variants of Corona arising due to vaccination

In April also, in a report by RAIR, Professor Luc Montagnier made another big claim. In this, he said that the corona virus has been generated in a lab.

Nobel Laureate Professor Luc Montagnier

Luc Montagnier Said Vaccination Creating Variants: Vaccination is being done worldwide for the coronavirus virus, but new variants of the virus have increased the concern of the people. Now, Nobel laureate Professor Luc Montagnier has made big claims about these new variants. He has cited COVID vaccination as the reason behind the emergence of new variants. Also said that epidemiologists are aware of this phenomenon but still they are ‘silent’. This phenomenon is called ‘antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).
Luc Montagnier is a 2008 Nobel Prize winner, as well as a French virologist. He says, ‘This is vaccination, due to which variants are being generated.’ Montagnier made these major revelations in an interview earlier this month (Prof. Luc Montagnier on Covid Variants). This long interview has been conducted by Pierre Bernierias on hold-up media. This clip has been exclusively translated by the RAIR Foundation of America, whose video is becoming very viral on social media. On which people are giving different kinds of feedback.

Scientific and medical error
As can be seen in the video, Montagnier is asked the question of whether new cases and death figures have been rising steadily since January of vaccination, especially among the youth. So what do you say about this? In response, Montagnier said, ‘This is a scientific, medical mistake that cannot be accepted (Montagnier on Covid Variants). It will be shown in history because vaccination itself is generating new variants. Sugar is an antibody to the virus, which comes from the vaccine. So what does a virus do? dies? Or someone else finds a way? ‘

This is HUGE!
Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’ (Huge Cover-Up)
Prof. Luc Montagnier said that epidemiologists know but are “silent” about the phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE)
READ: Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals - Covid Vaccine is 'Creating Variants' - RAIR
— Amy Mek (@AmyMek) May 18, 2021
Results of variant vaccination
He further says, ‘Then new types of variants are produced and this is the result of vaccination. You can see, it is the same in every country. The graph of vaccination is going on with the graph of death (Vaccination Creates Variants). I am following it closely and I am experimenting with patients in institutions. Those who have become infected after vaccination. This shows that they are making such variants, on which the vaccine is less effective. ‘

Had made a big claim in the past as well
In the month of April last year also, in a report of RAIR, Professor Montagnier made another big claim. In this, he said that the corona virus has been generated in a lab. At that time these claims were mainly opposed by the leftists. Then those who supported Montagnier’s talk said that an attempt was being made to discredit him because of his statement. But later again many other scientists also said that the virus has been made in a lab in Wuhan, China. A team of the World Health Organization also went to Wuhan to investigate.

Video: Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier claims – new variants of Corona arising due to vaccination
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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Nobel Prize Winner French Virologist Professor Luc Montagnier vaccination Creating New variants
•May 20, 2021



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Nobel Prize Winner French Virologist Professor Luc Montagnier vaccination Creating New variants


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
COVID vaccine and new variants
•Feb 2, 2021


ABC News

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The race to vaccinate picks up around the world as virus mutations spread.

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I think the larger question is the validity of vaccination and not so much about new variants. I get a flu vaccination every year because the validity of the old vaccination has expired. New variants are splitting hairs. If you have a vaccine then the new variant may make you sick but will not kill you. Most likely people will need to get vaccinated again after 6 months.

The masks are out in the USA. If I wear a mask, people look at me in a funny way. So I do not wear masks anymore both indoors and outdoors. I think the Coronavirus problem is over in the USA. There may be cases, but there will not be helplessness because beds and resources will be available. No one is going to wear masks now.


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Covid-19 Vaccination Centres in Delhi: Complete list of govt, private Coronavirus vaccine centres in Delhi; Check details

By: Bulbul Dhawan |
May 19, 2021 4:09 PM

List of Private and Government Covid Vaccination Centres in Delhi for 18+ and 45+ Age Group:
While there is not much we can do to help with getting slots faster, we can help you by sharing everything you need to know about getting a vaccine jab in Delhi.

It is also important that all COVID-19 precautions are followed.

Covid-19 Vaccination Centres in Delhi for 18+ and 45+: As India is close to 20 days into the third phase of its vaccination drive, the residents of the national capital are still trying to secure slots in order to get inoculated. In the third phase of the vaccination programme, anyone who is 18 years or older can get the vaccine. However, while people aged 45 years and above can get the vaccine by walking into the vaccination centre, this facility is not available to beneficiaries between 18 years and 44 years of age. They would need to secure their slot for vaccination in advance on the CoWIN portal, which has left many users frustrated. While there is not much we can do to help with getting slots faster, we can help you by sharing everything you need to know about getting a vaccine jab in Delhi.

Is registration needed for vaccination?
While people above the age of 44 years need not register themselves for either vaccine dose and just walk into the vaccination centre, beneficiaries aged from 18 years to 44 years have to register themselves. For this, they can use either the CoWIN website or the Aarogya Setu mobile app. The registration would be done using the mobile number and Aadhaar number or any other photo ID is needed for the registration process as this ID would also be checked at the vaccination centre.

Once the beneficiaries have registered themselves using either of these portals, they would be able to book a slot for vaccination by logging in using their number and keying in the OTP. The government allows one registration account to add up to four beneficiaries and book slots for them. Once the beneficiaries have been added, the user would need to select the beneficiaries one by one to book slots for them. Upon selecting the beneficiary, the user would have to enter the pin code of the area where they wish to get inoculated.
It is not necessary for users to get vaccines from the same area where they live, however it is advisable that they do not go too far from homes for vaccination, keeping in mind the lockdown currently in place as well as the fact that spending more time out of the house would increase the chances of exposure to the virus.
Upon entering the pin code, the users would need to select whether they wish to see the centres offering free vaccination doses or those offering paid ones, and then select the hospital from the drop down list that appears. The slots for the particular hospital, along with the cost of the vaccine, the name of the vaccine and information about whether it has started inoculating phase 3 beneficiaries would appear. Based on the preference and the availability of slots, the users would be able to book their vaccination appointment.

Things to keep in mind when going for vaccination
Beneficiaries must ensure that they have a photo ID with them. They must also remember that once the vaccination has been administered, they would need to remain at the centre for another 30 minutes for observation regarding any severe reactions to the vaccine, so they must arrange other duties accordingly.
It is also important that all COVID-19 precautions are followed. Beneficiaries must wear double masks, and it is also advisable that they wear gloves. Maintaining at least a 6-feet distance from others at all times is also required.

Vaccination fees in Delhi
In Delhi government hospitals, the vaccine doses would remain free of cost for all beneficiaries aged 18 years or above. However, in private hospitals, only beneficiaries aged 45 years or above would be vaccinated free of cost, while those aged from 18 years to 44 years would have to pay per dose. The cost per dose varies depending on the vaccine and also as per hospitals. While Covishield is available in most hospitals in the range of Rs 750 to Rs 900 per dose, Covaxin can be availed at a price ranging between Rs 1,250 and Rs 1,500 a dose.

List of Government (Free) Covid-19 Vaccination Centres for 18+ in Delhi
As per the Delhi State Health Mission, there are a total of 101 vaccination centres for beneficiaries above the age of 18 years.

MCD Primary School Jharoda Majara
Govt. Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya Burari
Sarvodhya Vidyalya Mori gate No. 1
SBV NO. 1 1.Jama Masjid (Urdu Medium) 2. Jama Masjid (Hindi Medium)
SBV Rani Jhansi Road, Near Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic
Vidya Bhawan Girls Sr. Sec. School NPL Colony, New Rajinder Nagar
RPVV Link Road Link Road, Karol Bagh
Nigam Pratibha Vidyalaya
EDMC Primary School Trilokpuri
EDMC Primary School Mayur Vihar Ph 3
RSKV West Chander Nagar, Krishna Nagar Extension
GBSSS New Ashok Nagar
RSKV West Vinod Nagar (Patparganj)
SKV/SBV Laxmi Nagar
SKV/SBV Dallupura
Navyug School Pandara Park Subharmanyam Bharti Marg
SK V School No. 1, D Block, Janak Puri
Govt. Sarvodaya Co-ed Senior Sec School, R.K.Puram Sec-6
Govt. Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Naraina
Govt. Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Delhi Cantt
Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, A Block Jahangirpuri
Govt. Boys Senior Secondary School, D Block Jahangirpuri
Shaheed Captain Sanjeev Dahiya Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Sector 9, Rohini
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Shahbad Daulatpur
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School No.1, Bawana
Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Prahladpur Banger
Vaid Pt. Khushi Ram Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Nangal Thakran
Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Adarsh Nagar
Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya, Sector A10, Pocket 5
MCD Primary School Co-ed, State Bank Colony
MCW Primary School, Azadpur Village
Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya No.1 Model Town-III
EDMC Prathmic Bal Vidhyalaya Sabhapur Gujral
EDMC Primary School Rajeev Colony
Govt girls senior secondary school Sonia Vihar
SSS boys School no.1 North Ghonda
Govt boys secondary school street no. 20 old mustafabad
Govt boys girls senior second school Khajoori Khas
GGSSS B-1 Yamuna Vihar
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Tukhmeerpur
NDMC NPV Rani Bagh (Girls)
MCDP School Satyawati Park
MCDPS Wazirpur Village
Sarvoday Bal Vidhyalay Pooth Kalan
SKV Karala School, Karala Village
Govt. Sarvodaya Vidyalaya C-Block Saraswati Vihar
Govt. Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Rohini Extn., Sector- 20
Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya,R-BLK, Mangolpuri
G.S.B.V., A-BLK, Sultanpuri
GGSSS, F-BLK, Sultanpuri
GSKV Kamdhenu Mangolpuri
GBSSS Shalimar Bagh, BLK-B-AH
MCD Primary School Pitampura UU Block
MCD Primary School Harsh Vihar
SBV, A-BLOCK, Surajmal Vihar
SKV, Railway Station, Anand Vihar
GGSSS, Jhilmil Colony
GBSSS, Janta Flats, Nand Nagri
GBSSS, Sabali Extn.
GBSSS, NO-2, Mansarover Park
GBSSS, Jafrabad Extn
GBSSS, Welcome near Asha Ram Bapu Mandir
EDMC Pratibha Vikas School-New Bhola nath Nagar
EDMC School-East Old Seelampur
Govt. Senior Sec School, Satsang Marg, Rajgarh Colony
SDMC Primary School Maidan Garhi
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Chhattarpur
Rajkiya Varishtha Madhyamik Bal Vidyalaya, Aya Nagar
Ishani Govt Girls School, Saket, G-Block, Saket
Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Chirag Delhi, Swami Nagar
Bachan Prasad School Tigri
Gargi School Safdarjung Enclave
SDMC Primary School Jaitpur
SDMC Primary School Aaligaon
SDMC Primary School Lalkuan
GBSSS Molar Band
SKV Aruna Asif Ali Tughlakabad Extn
SKV/SBV Sangam Vihar
School of Excellence, J.J. Colony
SDMC Primary School Bijwasan
SKV, Deenpur Gola Gaanv Road, Najafgarh
Govt Girls Sr Sec School, No.3 Najafgarh
Govt. Boys Sr. Sec. School, Khaira
GBSSS, Janakpuri Block-A
GOVT. Girls Sr. Sec. School, 2 Uttam Nagar
Govt Girls Sr Sec School, Madipur Village
Sarvodaya Kanya Vidhyala, Chand Nagar
Sarvodaya Bal Vidhyala, Moti Nagar
Sarvodaya Bal Vidhyala, No 1, Madipur
Govt Boys Sr. Sec. School No 1, Punjabi Bagh
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Kirti Nagar
Govt Boys Sr Sec School, Clock Tower Hari Nagar, Site 2
Sarvodaya Kanya Vidhyala, Basaidarapur
Sarvodaya Vidhyala, Mansarovar Garden
Govt Boys Sr Sec School, Mundka
Govt Sarvodaya Bal Vidhyala, Peeragarhi
Govt Co-ed Sr Sec School, Bakkarwala
Govt Co-ed Sr Sec School, Kunwar Singh Nagar, Ranhaulla
Sarvodaya Bal Vidhyala No. 1 Tilak nagar

List of Government (Free) Covid-19 Vaccination Centres for 45+ in Delhi
A total of 360 free vaccination centres are available for people aged 45 years and older.
Lady Reading health School
A and U Tibbia College DH
Aruna Asaf Ali Govt. Hospital
Balak Ram Hospital
Burari Hospital
CGHS Dev Nagar
CGHS Mintoo Road
CGHS New Rajendra Nagar
CGHS Paharganj
CGHS Pusha Road
CGHS Subji Mandi
CGHS Timar Pur
DGD Majnu Ka Tila
DGD Tank Road
Dr. N. C. Joshi Hospital
ESI Pahar Ganj
ESI Shastri Nagar
GB Pant Hospital
Girdhari Lal Hospital
Guru Nanak Eye Hospital
Hindu Rao Hospital
Kasturba Hospital
Lala Duli Chand Polyclinic,Bara Hindu Rao
Lok Nayak Hospital
Maulana Azad Dental Institute
Maulana Azad Medical College
Northern Railways Central Hospital
Polyclinic Timarpur
S.S.V Burari Polyclinic
Seed PUHC Jagatpur
UPHC Daryaganj
DGD Tis Hazari
DGD Rouse Avenue
Vivekanand Polyclinic
DGD Wazirabad
MCW Burari
MCW Ghanta Ghar
MTY Home Shakti Nagar
CGHS Dispensary Mayur Vihar
Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya
DGD I.P. Exten.
DGD Kondli Mayur Vihar Phase-3
DGD Vasundhra Enclave
Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital
CGHD Dispensary Laxmi Nagar
CGHS Dispensary Patparganj
M H Khichripur
MCW Vishwakarma Park
MCW Anarkali
DGD Kalyanpuri
DGD Himmatpuri
MCW Trilokpuri
MCW Kondli
DGD Bank Enclave
DGD Mayur Vihar Phase-1
DGD Trilokpuri
CGHS Dr. Zakhir Hussain Road
CGHS Moti Bagh
CGHS R.K Puram-4 Sec-8
CGHS Sarojini Nagar
Delhi Cantonment General Hospital
Kalawati Saran Children Hospital
Mat. Home, Munirka, New Delhi.
Maternity, Gynae Hospital, New Delhi
MCW Center Palika Health Complex NDMC PHC
MCW Golf Link
MCW Nangal Raya
MCW Naraina
MCW Sarojini Nagar NDMC PHC
NDMC Charak Palika Hospital DH
Northern Railways Hospital
Polyclinic Basant Goan PHC
Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital DH
CGHS Dispensary Lodhi Road Aliganj PHC
CGHS Dispensary Pandara Road PHC
CGHS Dispensary RK Puram Sec 12 PHC
CGHS Dispensary RK Puram Sec 6 PHC
CGHS Laxmibai Nagar PHC
DGHC Budh Nagar
DGHC Mahipalpur
DGHC Maya Puri
DGHC Moti Bagh
DGHC Rajokri
DGHC Sagarpur
DGHC Shahbad Md.pur
ESI Factory Road
ESI Mayapuri-1
ESI Mayapuri-2
MCW Rangpuri
Seed PUHC Samalka
CGHS Dispensary Nanakpura PHC
DGD Inderpuri
MCW Shishu Kalyan Kendra
MCW Readind Road
CGHS Kingsway camp
DGD B Block
DGD Bhorgarh
Maharishi Valmiki Hospital
MCW A Block
MCW Alipur
MCW Badli
MCW Baktawarpur
MCW Bawana
MCW D Block Jahangirpuri
MCW Narela 1
MCW Narela 2
MH Shahbad daulatpur
Polyclinc Narela
Satyawadi Raja Harishchandra Hospital
ESI Narela
DGD Holambi kalan PH 2
Seed UPHC Swaroop nagar
DGD Mukhmelpur
DGD Model town
CGHS Wellness Centre Sec16 Rohini PHC
DGD Prashant Vihar PHC
ESI Hospital Rohini DH
Polyclinic Sec 18 Rohini PHC
DGD Gurmandi
MCW Lal bagh
MCW Kewal park
DGD Jahangirpuri H Block
JPC Hospital Shastri Park
Veer Savarkar Arogya Sansthan
CGHS Dispensary Yamuna Vihar PHC
Polyclinic Gautampuri PHC
MH Yamuna Vihar CHC
MCW Sonia Vihar PHC
MCW Gautampuri PHC
DGD Khajuri Khas PHC
DGD Johri Pur PHC
DGD Bhagirathi Vihar PHC
DGD Gokulpuri PHC
SPUHC Sonia Vihar 0 pusta PHC
SPUHC Shiv Vihar 2 PHC
SPUHC Old Mustafabad PHC
SPUHC Brahampuri PHC
DGD Yamuna Vihar PHC
SPUHC Bhagirathi Vihar PHC
SPUHC Chandu Nagar PHC
SPUHC Chauhan Patti PHC
SPUHC Jafrabad PHC
SPUHC New Mustafabad PHC
SPUHC Shaheed Bhagat Singh Colony PHC
SPUHC Shiv Vihar 5 PHC
SPUHC Shri Ram Colony PHC
SPUHC Sonia Vihar 4.5 pusta PHC
DGD Shiv Vihar Tiraha PHC
SPUHC Nehru Vihar PHC
DGD Arvind Nagar PHC
Polyclinic Bhajanpura
Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital Pitampura DH
Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital DH
Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital Rohini DH
Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital Mangolpuri DH
CGHS Wellness Centre Ashok Vihar PHC
CGHS Wellness Centre Shakur Basti PHC
DGD Rani Khera PHC
DGD Keshav Puram C7 PHC
DGD Sawada Ghevra PHC
DGD Wazirpur Ind. Area PHC
MCW Keshavpuram PHC
MCW Rohini Sec7 PHC
Polyclinic Sec 2 Rohini PHC
MCW Rani Bagh PHC
Polyclinic Keshav Puram B4 PHC
SPUHC Inder Enclave PHC
CGHS Wellness Centre Shalimar Bagh PHC
ESI Dispensary Mangolpuri PHC
ESI Disp Rohini PHC
DGD Shalimar Bagh B Block PHC
DGD Ashok Vihar H Block PHC
DGD Jaunti PHC
DGD Kirari PHC
DGD Madanpur Dabas PHC
DGD Majra Dabas PHC
DGD Mangol Puri PHC
DGD Nizampur PHC
DGD Rohini Sec-21 PHC
DGD Rohini Sector8 PHC
DGD Sangam Park PHC
DGD Shakur Pur I Block PHC
DGD Shalimar Bagh AC1 PHC
DGD Sultanpuri PHC
DGD Wazirpur JJ Colony PHC
MCW Ghevra PHC
MCW Mangolpuri PHC
MCW Mangolpuri S Block PHC
MCW Pitampura PHC
MCW Rampura PHC
MCW Satyawatipark PHC
MCW Sultanpuri F Block PHC
MCW Wazir Pur PHC
MH Haiderpur CHC
MH Shakurpur CHC
Polyclinic Pitampura CD Block PHC
Polyclinic Ranibagh PHC
Polyclinic Rohini Sector4 PHC
Polyclinic Wazirpur Ph. 3 PHC
SPUHC Begumpur PHC
SPUHC Budh Vihar PHC
SPUHC Laxmi Vihar PHC
Delhi State Cancer Institute DH
Doctor Hegdewar Arogya Sansthan DH
Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital DH
IG ESI Hospital DH
MCW Vivek Vihar PHC
Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital Tahirpur DH
Swami Dayanand Hospital DH
CGHS Dilshad Garden PHC
DGD Surajmal Vihar PHC
DGD Jhilmil PHC
CGHS Man Sarover Park PHC
MCW Sarai Mohalla PHC
MCW Nand Nagri B4 PHC
MCW Babarpur PHC
MH Chandiwala CHC
MCW Welcome Seelampur PHC
DGD Karkardooma Court PHC
DGD Seelampur PHC
DGD Jonapur
DGD Court saket
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Ambedkar Nagar Hospital
Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS)
MCW Gautam Nagar
Mehrauli Polyclinic
PT. Madan Mohan Malaviya Hospital
Safdarjung Hospital
ESI Mehrauli
DGD Begumpur
DGD Khanpur
MCW Deoli
MCW Block 15 Dakshinpuri
MCW Dakshinpuri 5 block
CGHS Andrews Ganj
CGHS Kalkaji-1
DGD Garhi
ESI Hospital Okhla Phase 1 DH
ESI Modi Mill
LNC Hospital, Lajpat Nagar
MCW Badarpur
MH Badarpur CHC
MH Sriniwaspuri CHC
PSMS Hospital, Kalkaji
SPUHC Jasola
SPUHC Meethapur
MCW Khizrabad
MCW Defence Colony
MH Defence Colony
MH Jangpura
MCW Madanpur Khadar
MCW Okhla Phase I
MCW Sewa Nagar
AIIA Sarita Vihar
MCW Nehru Nagar
CGHS Sec 23 Dwarka
CRPF Composite Hospital, Jharoda Kalan
Dada Dev Hospital
DGD Bamnoli
DGD Chhwala
DGD Issapur
DGD Kanganheri
DGD Pandwalan Kalan
DGD Rawata
DGD Sec 19 Dwarka
Ghumanhera Polyclinic
Mansaram Park SPUHC
MCW Bijwasan
MCW Daulatpur
DGD Sec 2 Dwarka
CGHS Palam
PHC Palam
CGHS Vikaspuri PHC
MCW Uttam Nagar
DGD Sadhnagar
DGD Jhatikara
Polyclinic Sec 14 Dwarka
DGD Dhasa
SPUHC Salhapur
DGD Mundelakhurd PHC
SPUHC Gopalnagar PHC
DGD Nawada
MCW Janakpuri
MCW Maherndra Park
DGD Kapersedha
SPUHC Qutub Vihar PHC
DGD Ramdutt Enclave
CGHS Rajouri Garden
CGHS Tilak Nagar PHC
CGHS West Patel Nagar
DGD Hiran Kudna
DGD Nangloi
DGD Prem Nagar
DGD Tikri Kalan
DGD Tilak Vihar
ESI Dispensary Raghubir Nagar PHC
ESI Hospital Basaidara Pur
ESI Jwala Puri
ESI Madipur PHC
ESI NIA I Karampura PHC
Guru Gobind Singh Govt Hospital
Maternity Home Jwalapuri
MCW Jwalapuri
MCW Ranjit Nagar
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Hospital
SPUHC Nilothi
Tilak Nagar Colony Hospital
AAPC Madipur
DGD Baprolla
DGD Mundka
DGD Paschim Puri
DGD Raghubir Nagar
DGD Ranjit Nagar
DGD Tilang Pur Kotla
MCW Center (New) Moti Nagar
MCW Ramesh Nagar
MCW Baprola
Northern Railway Health Unit Punjabi Bagh
Seed PUHC Chander Vihar
Seed PUHC Nihal Vihar
Central Jail Tihar
Allopathic Dispensary Rajouri

List of Private Covid-19 Vaccination Centres in Delhi for 18+
BLK Memorial Hospital
Delhi Heart and lung hospital
Divine Multispecialty Hosp. & Cancer Cent., Wazirabad
Jeevan Mala Hospital
Jeewan Nursing Home, Pusa Road
Kapil Multispecialty Hospital, Nathupura
Medlife Hospital, Burari
NKS Hospital, Gulabi Bagh
Sanjeevan Hospital, Daryaganj
Sant Parmanand Hospital
SGR Kolmet Hospital, Pusa Road
Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital, Pusa Road
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
St. Stephens Hospital
Teerath Ram Shah Hospital
Apex City Hospital, West Vinod Nagar
Bimla Hospital
Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital
Jeevan Anmol Hospital
Makkar Multi-speciality Hospital
Malik Radix Health care Center
Max Patparganj
Metro Hospital and Cancer Institute
Patel Hospital, Shakarpur
Ram Lal Kundan Lal Hospital, Pandav Nagar
SMS Hospital
Virmani Hospital
Flt. Lt. RajanDhall Hospital FORTIS
Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
Primus Super Specialty Hospital
Balaji Hospital, Narela
Bansal Global Hospital, Jahangirpuri
Gupta Multispecialty Hospital, Bawana
Maha Durga Charitable Trust
Maharaja Agarsain Multispecialty Hospital, Narela
Mangalam Hospital, Bawana
Nulife Hospital, GTB Nagar
Pentamed Hospital, Derawal Nagar
Sant Soham Hospital, Bawana
Moral Hospital
Panchsheel Hospital
Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Madhuban Chowk
Bhagwati Hospital, Rohini
Brahm Shakti Hospital
Cygnus MLS Super Specialty Hospital
Dharamvir Solanki Hospital, Rohini
Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh
Jaipur Golden Hospital
Lalita Hospital, Begumpur
Max Super Speciality Hospital Shalimar Bagh
Muni Mayaram Jain Hospital, Pitampura
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre
Santom Hospital
Saroj Medical Institute, Jail Road, Rohini
Saroj Super Specialty Hospital
Savitri Hospital, Kanjhawala
Shree Aggarsain International Hospital
Sunrise Hospital, Rohini
Tomar Multispecialty Hospital, Kirari
Dr. Gupta Nursing Home, Naveen Shahdara
East Delhi Medical Centre Mansarover Park
Goyal Hospital and Urology Center
Gupta Multispecialty Hospital, Vivek Vihar
Karuna Hospital, Dilshad Garden
Kosmos Super Specialty Hospital, Vikas Marg
Pushpanjali Medical Centre, Vikas Marg Ext.
Red Cross Hospital, Dilshad Garden
Shanti Mukand Hospital
Shri Ram Singh Hospital, Krishna Nagar
Surya Hospital, Krishna Nagar
Aashlok Hospital
Fortis C Doc Hospital
Madhukar Rainbow
Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket
Medeor Hospital
Phoenix Hospital
Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute (PSRI)
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Gautam Nagar
Sitaram Bhartia Hospital
Alshifa Multispeciality hospital
Banarsidas Chandiwala Hospital, Kalkaji
Bansal Hospital & Research Centre, NFC
Batra Hospital And Medical Research Centre
Fortis Escorts Heart Institute
Hakeem Abdul Hameed Centenary Hospital
Holy Family Hospital
IBS Hospital, Lajpat Nagar
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
Irene Hospital, Kalkaji
Jeevan Hospital and Nursing Home
Jeewan Nursing Home, Gate No. 2
Metro Hospital, Lajpat Nagar
Mool Chand Kharaiti Ram Hospital
National Heart Institute
Royal Kalindi Hospital, Sarita Vihar
Sunrise Hospital, Kalindi Colony
Universal Centre of Health Services, Badarpur
VIMHANS Hospital
Aakash Healthcare
Ansari Hospital, Sagarpur
Ayushman Hospital Health Services
B.H. Salvas Hospital, Haibatpura, Najafgarh
Bensups Hospital, Dwarka
Bhagat Chandra Hospital
DivyaPrastha Hospital
Human Care Medical Charitable Trust (Manipal)
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Dwarka
Rosewood Hospital, Najafgarh
Samar Hospital, Dwarka
Shakuntala Hopsital, West Sagarpur
Taarak Hospital
Venkateswar Hospital
Vikas Hospital
Action Cancer Hospital
Altius Sonia Hospital
Ardent Ganpati Hospital, Mundka
B.M. Gupta Hospital, Uttam Nagar
Bhatia Global Hospital, Paschim Vihar
CD Global Hospital, Najafgarh Road
Jeewan Moti Khera Hospital, Nangloi
Kalra Hospital
Kalra Hospital, Uttam Nagar
Konarc Hospital, Nangloi
Kukreja Hospital and Heart Centre, Rajouri Garden
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Punjabi Bagh
Mansaram Hospital, Nangloi
Mata Chanan Devi Hospital
Mata Roop Rani Maggo Hospital, Uttam Nagar
MGS Hospital, Punjabi Bagh
PGH Hospital, Vikas Nagar
Rathi Hospital, Najafgarh
Revive Hospital, Vishwas Park
RLKC Metro Hospital, Naraina
Satyabhama Hospital
Sehgal Neo Hospital
Shree BalaJi Action Medical Institute


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Hunger stalks India's poor in pandemic double blow

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Hunger stalks India's poor in pandemic double blow

A devastating coronavirus wave has pushed millions of Indian families into poverty and hunger
Glenda Kwek
Sun, May 30, 2021, 9:23 AM·4 min read

Rasheeda Jaleel lives in fear that she may not be able to feed her seven children as millions of Indian families are forced into poverty by a devastating new coronavirus wave.
The 40-year-old, her husband Abdul Jaleel, 65, and the children already survive on just one meal a day.
"When we are hungry and thirsty, I feel very helpless and worry, 'How am I going to survive like this?'" Jaleel told AFP as she made roti -- flatbread -- for the solitary meal in their tiny New Delhi flat.

"We manage with whatever my husband is able to earn. If it's not enough, I stay hungry so I can feed my children."
The coronavirus has killed 160,000 in eight weeks, overwhelmed hospitals and shut many businesses in India. Experts warn that another crisis is looming, with rising levels of hunger among poor Indians already reeling from a first lockdown last year.
"It's a double crisis that the poor in the country are facing –- there is the health crisis and there is also an income economic crisis," Anjali Bhardwaj from the Right to Food Campaign told AFP.
"We have had a huge health crisis unfolding... and many have had to spend their life savings on trying to provide medical aid to their families."
About 230 million Indians fell into poverty -- defined as living on less than 375 rupees ($5) per day -- in the first year of the pandemic, according to a study by Bangalore's Azim Premji University.
- 'We have no choice' -
More than 7.3 million jobs were lost in April alone, according to the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy. That means more pain in a country where 90 percent of the workforce is in the informal sector with no social safety net, and where millions do not qualify for emergency government rations.
"A lot of people went into poverty last year, they went into debt, and... they had to cut back on food consumption," Associate Professor Amit Basole, one of the university study's authors, told AFP.
"So the second wave is coming on top of a very precarious, stressed situation."
Abdul Jaleel turned to peddling a rickshaw to feed his family after his construction work dried up during a fresh Delhi lockdown.
Previously up to 500 rupees ($7) a day, his income is now as little as 100 rupees.
"And on some days, I don't make anything," he said.
"As parents, we will have to make ends meet somehow, whether we beg, borrow or steal. We have no choice."
- 'Helpless and hungry' -
In last year's lockdown, about 100 million people lost their jobs in India. After restrictions were lifted, around 15 percent failed to find employment by the end of 2020 -- including 47 percent of female workers, the Azim Premji University study found.
Many who returned to work had to settle for lower pay, leaving them more vulnerable when the second wave hit.
Meanwhile an estimated 100 million Indians, including the Jaleels, have no ration cards to give them access to government food aid, Bhardwaj said.
The Right to Food organisation has been campaigning for emergency food supplies to be given to the needy, even if they do not have ration cards.
With the pandemic unravelling years of poverty reduction, experts warn that many could remain trapped in a vicious cycle of hardship even after lockdowns are lifted.
"The fear is that we... get locked into a longish-term depressed economy where there is low aggregate demand because people's jobs and incomes are not coming back. And because they are not coming back, it... perpetuates its own cycle," Basole said.
Bhupinder Singh, a micro-financier who has distributed food to the needy during the two lockdowns, has seen desperation rise among hundreds of unemployed men sleeping rough beside a busy Delhi highway.
When he arrives with food packets, a cry of excitement goes up and men run to the back of his car and form a long queue.
"People are stuck here out of helplessness," Sunil Thakur, 50, who lost his job as a hotel waiter during the lockdown, told AFP.
"If they come with food, we get to eat... If they don't come, we'll stay hungry."
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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
These sniffer dogs are learning to smell the coronavirus

Dogs can learn to smell low blood sugar, oncoming seizures, and certain cancers. At the University of Pennsylvania, they’re now learning to smell the coronavirus, too.

By Jillian Kramer

Photographs By Sabina Louise Pierce
Published 20 May 2021, 11:43 BST

Toby, a small Munsterlander, walks a metal wheel with eight spokes in search of a cannister ...

Toby, a small Munsterlander, walks a metal wheel with eight spokes in search of a cannister that contains a T-shirt worn by someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. “Toby was, as he often is with studies, a little bit of a superstar—he picks it up super quickly,” says Toby’s foster parent, Jennifer Essler. She is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Working Dog Center, which is training dogs to sniff out the virus.
Tuukka likes to play Frisbee. Griz adores a squishy orange ball. Toby uses his leisure time to nap or bark at passing vehicles. But these otherwise ordinary mutts have an extraordinary ability: They are part of a pack of research dogs that can sniff out the distinctive scent of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.
As the disease swept the globe and scientists deployed tools such as polymerase chain reaction tests to detect the novel coronavirus in people, a team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine worked to determine if dogs could also be trained to find infections.
The proof-of-concept study, published in April in the journal PLOS ONE, showed that the virus has an odour that trained dogs can identify in urine and saliva. Now, the researchers—with the help of Tuuka, Griz, Toby, Rico, and Roxie—are examining whether canines can sniff out coronavirus’ scent in sweaty T-shirts.
If the dogs can accurately detect it on clothing, they could patrol places such as airports and stadiums to sniff out the virus in public settings.
“Our big question is, can we translate this into an operational usage?” asks Cynthia Otto, a senior author on the study and director of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Working Dog Centre. “Can the dogs screen people? I think that’s a potential benefit.”
Cynthia Otto, director of the Working Dog Center, works with Rico, a German shepherd. Otto believes ...

Cynthia Otto, director of the Working Dog Center, works with Rico, a German shepherd. Otto believes that dogs could one day be trained to screen people for COVID-19 at public spaces, such as airports or stadiums
Photograph by Sabina Louise Pierce
The smell of sweat
With a sense of smell thought to be 1,000 to 10,000 times better than ours, dogs today do all kinds of work. They can sniff out early signs of Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, several types of cancer, oncoming epileptic seizures, and malaria, among other ailments. They assist search and rescue teams in the wake of natural disasters and serve as allies in military operations, smelling out hidden explosives. Some dogs partner with customs officials searching for contraband, from drugs to elephant ivory. They can track down poachers, patrol cargo ships for rats that might escape at distant harbours, and sniff out endangered and invasive species.
Penn researchers began trying to train the dogs to sniff out the novel coronavirus from urine and saliva samples in spring 2020. In November, they started training the dogs to do it with sweat. The process starts by presenting the dogs with positive samples, then rewarding them with treats. Once the dogs learn to associate the scent of the virus with a pleasurable experience, they are ready to start official trials.
The researchers place a series of sweaty T-shirts and distractors—clean clothing, shipping materials, or rubbing alcohol—all inside mesh-covered canisters on the ends of an eight-spoke metal wheel. Only one canister will contain a T-shirt worn by a person who tested positive for COVID-19 within 48 hours of wearing it. The dogs know to walk around the wheel until they detect that positive sample.
In the April study with urine and saliva samples, dogs could find the virus with 96 percent accuracy, Otto says. While the current study using sweaty T-shirts is ongoing, the canines have been remarkably successful at that too, she says.
Roxie is their fastest dog: She’s walked the wheel and found the positive sample in as little as 12 seconds. Rico, a more pensive pup, takes about 23 seconds to identify the right shirt.
Meghan Ramos, a sports medicine and rehabilitation resident at the Working Dog Center, swabs the inside ...

Meghan Ramos, a sports medicine and rehabilitation resident at the Working Dog Center, swabs the inside of Tuukka’s mouth as Essler, Tuukka’s owner, holds on. Tuukka is new to scent work. “It was funny watching her struggle through it, because going from basic nose work at the house to sniffing out COVID is like going from basic math to calculus,” Essler says.
Photograph by Sabina Louise Pierce
Researchers take blood samples and mouth swabs before the start of the study to ensure the ...

Researchers take blood samples and mouth swabs before the start of the study to ensure the dogs had not contracted COVID-19.
Photograph by Sabina Louise Pierce
Roxie, a high-strung yellow Labrador, plays before she begins an experiment. “She has to play before ...

Roxie, a high-strung yellow Labrador, plays before she begins an experiment. “She has to play before she does her study because she has too much energy,” says Amritha Mallikarjun, a postdoctoral fellow at the Working Dog Center.
Photograph by Sabina Louise Pierce
Sniffer dogs in the field
The dogs can detect the coronavirus by smelling its volatile organic compounds, the chemicals excreted through waste products such as urine, saliva, and sweat as humans’ cells metabolise.
The compounds are “like the fingerprint of a disease,” says Amritha Mallikarjun, a postdoctoral research fellow working on the current study. And while they’re indistinguishable to human noses, dogs have a super-powered sense of smell: In addition to all those receptors, their nostrils connect to dozens of crisscrossing cavernous tunnels that allow scents to linger. “There’s a lot of space in there for the air to turn around and touch surfaces and get caught” by the canine’s nose receptors, she says.
Similar studies have concluded or are underway in other parts of the world, including the U.K. and France. For example, after finding dogs could discriminate between sweat samples from people who had tested positive or negative for COVID-19, Dominique Grandjean, a veterinarian and professor at France’s National Veterinary School of Alfort, tells National Geographic that he will begin to test whether canines can detect the variants of COVID-19. And dogs already have been deployed at Finland’s Helsinki-Vantaa international airport to sniff out infected passengers.
Some proponents of COVID-19 detection dogs say that the animals could replace other COVID-19 mitigation efforts, such as PCR tests, which require a nasal or oral swab and can take days to process. Dogs trained to detect the virus in sweat could walk through lines of people and quickly smell infections without interruption, says Mallikarjun, and with minimal risk: Studies have shown that SARS-CoV-2 cannot be transmitted to people—or animals—through sweat.
Their abilities could also be used to create and program mechanical noses, electronic devices that would work similarly to breathalysers to scan people and identify COVID-19, she adds.
Tuukka, a mix of German shepherd, husky, and border collie, practices her virus detection skills at ...

Tuukka, a mix of German shepherd, husky, and border collie, practices her virus detection skills at the wheel.
Photograph by Sabina Louise Pierce
Researchers collected T-shirts for the study from volunteers across the country. The volunteers must wear the ...

Researchers collected T-shirts for the study from volunteers across the country. The volunteers must wear the plain white T-shirts overnight and submit the results of a recent COVID-19 test—or a copy of their vaccination certificate—with their shirt.
Photograph by Sabina Louise Pierce
But others say it’s too soon to know how dogs will fit into the fight against the pandemic. “I think there certainly is potential there,” says Anna Durbin, a professor of international health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She says that trained dogs could be used to complement other efforts. For example, they could provide an initial screening that a laboratory test could later confirm, allowing a potentially infected person to take immediate precautions.
These sniffer dogs can’t be just any dogs, either. “A lot of people are excited about having COVID-19 detection dogs,” Otto says, “but we need to be thinking about the right dog for that job—a dog that's going to be reliable and also not get bored with it.”
Alexandra Horowitz, a dog cognition specialist at Barnard College who is not involved with the study, says that the dogs that are most successful in this type of smell work are those that are very motivated to work for a reward, and will “do whatever is asked of them to get that reward.”
That’s certainly Griz, the researchers agree, who works tirelessly for his unique treat: that orange squishy ball. “He just loves it,” says Mallikarjun. “He likes to squash it, and he’s very happy.”



Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
No need of Covid testing as Indian Army's dog squads sniff it out in seconds | ABP News
•Feb 10, 2021



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Yes, you heard it right. The dog squad of Indian Army are able to sniff out the Corona positive samples within seconds and hence Coronavirus testing may not be required. Most of the samples were sniffed out absolutely right. Take a look at the report to know more about it


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
India to get a share of 8 crore US vaccines
By Lalit K Jha
June 10, 2021 10:56 IST

India will be receiving a share of the 80 million (8 crore) unused COVID-19 vaccines through the United Nations-backed COVAX global vaccine sharing programme that United States President Joe Biden has announced, according to a senior State Department official.

IMAGE: A medic inoculates a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to a member of the LGBTQ community near Town Hall in Bengaluru. Photograph: ANI Photo

On June 2, President Biden announced that the United States will allocate 75 per cent -- nearly 1.9 crores of the first tranche of 2.5 crore doses -- of unused COVID-19 vaccines from its stockpile through the UN-backed COVAX global vaccine sharing programme to countries in South and Southeast Asia as well as Africa.

The move is part of his administration's framework for sharing 80 million (8 crores) vaccines globally by the end of June.
According to a White House fact sheet, nearly 19 million vaccines will be shared through COVAX.
“I don't have the specific details on when the shipment of vaccines will be arriving in India. Of course, India will be in receipt of a share of those 80 million vaccines and through COVAX, I believe there were some six million vaccines destined for the region,” State Department Spokesperson Ned Price told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday.

COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access, abbreviated as COVAX, is a worldwide initiative aimed at equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines directed by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, and the World Health Organisation.
“We know that India has suffered tremendously with this pandemic and as we have done in the case of these vaccines, but also as we did even prior to this vaccine sharing announcement. We have demonstrated our commitment to work closely with our partners in India to help see the way out of this epidemic,” he said.
In recent weeks, the US has so far supplied seven planeloads of life-saving supplies worth approximately USD 100 million.
“This is also in addition to the tremendous generosity that we have seen from the private sector and the diaspora here in this country that has donated some 400 million additional dollars. So, that's half a billion dollars that the United States government and the people here in the United States have committed to help our friends and to help our partners in India recover from this pandemic,” Price said.
Responding to a question, he said the Biden administration is absolutely continuing with its commitment to help the government and the people of India emerge from this pandemic.
“We remain engaged with the private sector as we have spoken of our commitment of vaccines to India, of our commitment of planeloads of life-saving supplies, doing all we can not only on our part but also to galvanize action on the part of other non-governmental actors here in the United States to help our friends in India,” Price said.

India is currently witnessing the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, the country has recorded over 2,90,89,069 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 3,53,528 deaths.
The Biden administration had been under pressure to send the excess COVID-19 vaccines with the US to nations like India, which are facing severe vaccine shortages.

India to get a share of 8 crore US vaccines