Could i have some help, please?


Am I spoiling you by showing image ?
Not at all, Satinder. On the contrary, you are inspiring people like me to go wander.
I must also place on record, my appreciation of the diligence shown by you in ferreting out the various relevant posts and linking them. Thank you.


So the plan to drive from Ahmedabad to Uttrakand has still not materialised. First i had a bereavement in the family. Next i was down with a bad infection. Other trips and visits took up time. Now i am as determined as ever to do the trip starting October.
Plan is as follows:
  1. Ahmedabad-Jaipur-Bharatpur-Ramnagar-Ranikhet-Binsar-Munsiyari.
  2. Munsiyari-Narayan Ashram-Mayawati Ashram-?
Would our members kindly guide on the following:
  1. Would like to spend 3 days in Jim Corbett Park, preferably within the forest. I know that the core zones may be closed, but what about other zones?
  2. How is the Binsar Forest retreat? Else what other good stay options?
  3. How is Himalayan Glamping in Munsiyari? If not then is KMVN property good? I would like dark areas to do a bit of night photography.
  4. How is Narayan Ashram to experience some quiet Ashram life? Mayawati Ashram?
  5. Any other place we can go on the way or nearby? We (My wife and i) shall be driving from Ahmedabad and time is not a constraint.
  6. What after Mayawati Ashram?
Jaipur is a night halt only. Bharatpur for the birds. Ramnagar is the wish to spend a few days at Corbett. Ranikhet to spend time with friends who would be there at that time. Binsar, since there have been good reviews. Munsiyari since i always wanted to go there. The Ashrams since we would like to partake in Ashram life.

Any places that should be a "must visit"?


Please check map of Uttarakhand ant places of Interest along the Route.
You can spend few days at Corbet. Then move ahead in Hills.
Feel the Hills more in Green Areas where you will find more subjects of your interests in Photography.
You can focus more on Kumaon and there are many better places.
Each place has it's own charm.

Some Maps of Kumaon :






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Trump Card:

Kumaun Map by Uttaranchal Govt.:
Road Map of Kumaon

Kumaun map UK.jpg