Covid19 and Working India


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Has your workplace offered you a work from home option? Have they asked you to NOT come to office, for your own sake, as well as the sake of the community?

I run a tiny business and have asked all my staff to stay at home. It's been a week. Since we cannot go out and meet clients and do the physical work, we are working on marketing, building client data, sending emailers, social media etc.

I want to know how other companies are reacting/coping.
I'm currently working from home. Honestly, it's not as comfortable as they say it would be. For me, it's more difficult to be productive at home because of the distractions such as the bed (THE BED. I PROMISE). Still, I think it's a sacrifice I have to make for my safety as well as everyone else's.
I only have a bed and television. When we were forced to work from home, we had to take our computers with us. Fortunately for me I was only using a company laptop. I had to buy a table that can be set up on the bed, though.


To be honest, I don't regret it. I'd better stay at home till now. Taking into account all those ppl who died, who I knew personally... I'm still scared to catch a virus. Even though I'm in a good physical shape, try to eat some healthy foods and vitamins from online pharmacy to strengthen my immune system, and already got my shots, I'm still worried.
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