Cramster - Blaster Street Gloves


CBR250R ABS !!
As much as Riding Jacket is required for a riding, Gloves are also important. Previously I use to use Probiker Golves which initally riders use to get accustome too.

I finalised the CRAMSTER BLASTER STREET GLOVES!! This finalisation was bases on research etc. After later mind won by the looks.

I needed a gloves which should have 1. 100% leather + Short gloves+protections.

Cramster Blaster had all of these, brought it for Rs 2100. It will used for my weekend rides + long rides

This gloves had following features:
Advanced Cut & Design
-ABS Reinforced Vented Knuckle
-Knuckle Under Pad for Extra Comfort+Protection
-Outer Stitched for Extra Comfort
-Silicone Printed Palm For Extra Grip
-Pinkie Finger Protection
-Accordion Stretching Leather @ Fingers Including Thumb Infold
-Side Palm Extended Padding

Now a days it's online era, just choose and order you will get the product in next few days and you are ready to wear it and ride. I had ordered on saturday and received it in next 3-4 days.

Top view:

Pros of this Gloves:
1. It's a premium leather.
2. Almost full 90% leather
3. It has padding at most of the impact areas
4. Super grip
5. Awesome Looks
6. Great Design
7. Protection Pad at base of wrist and side.
8. It has got plastic shell protection at knuckles and finger joints.
9. A double patch of leather at center of palm for better grip.


Inner side of Gloves:

Protection shells at the fingers:

Side padding protection on the glove. This is a soft padding, little bit more harder component would have been good.

Seconf leather patch in side and grip area of palm

Soft Padding protection at Thumb, Harder padding would have been better.

Single Stripe Valcro, D ring lock would have been best.

no reflectives at all.
outer stitch.jpg

Cons of the Gloves:
1. Reflective is MISSING
2. Need padding at finger edges.
3. Even little finger should have a plastic shell protections.
4. Stitching should be more of high quality, needs attention.
5. Gloves lock is direct valcro, it should be atleast one fold lock valcro or D ring lock.

Stitch started to come out:

Ride Experience: I rode 70kms and counting with this gloves would need time to set on your palms. Palm started to pain at center. It had super grip on throttle. Palm feels protected. Need more padding for fingers and Strong pad at base of wrist. Missing of reflective is big bad point here. Night visibility for direction would be a challenge. Comfort is good. Need to check the comfort post some 500kms ride. Also need to check with time will the pain while riding goes away ? These gloves are not for rain at all. It has ventilation for air movement in hands.

Conclusion: it's expensive at Rs 2100 compare to feature it offers.