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Its raining Rann T'log's on BCMT so thought of consolidating points from my recent trip to LRK and make a guide that will be useful for all. Feel free to add points.

Few thoughts that crosses your mind once you hear LRK are

1) Vast barren land.
2) Urge to drive through the barren land.
3) Chasing the wild asses.
4) Posing with car / bike in vast rann.
5) Raiding the rann.

Next moment, few more questions

1) What if I get lost?
2) Which is best season to cross LRK ?
3) What if my car gets stuck in the marshy land ?
4) Can a hatchback cross Rann ?
5) What if I don’t have GPS trail ?
6) Any permits required, where can I get them.
7) Stay options.
8) ….

I had many such questions before I started this trip, special thanks to [MENTION=14339]Ladakh_Maniac[/MENTION] for helping with route and tips to cross Rann. I will try to answer the questions based on my experience from LRK trip

The base location to access Little Rann is a small village named Zainabad around 100kms from Ahmedabad. The road from Ahmedabad to Zainabad is smooth tarmac and speeds of 80 – 100 can be easily maintained.

Stay options –

1) Rann Raiders @ Dasada - Have heard from friends its bit expensive.

2) Desert Coursers @ Zainabad – Nice location and nice traditional cottages, lots of pics on BCMT. Cost 2000 per head. Includes Night stay, One safari, lunch, dinner, breakfast. We just wanted night stay options and we were not interested in safari obviously since we have decided to cross the Rann. Tried to negotiate with Mr. Dhanraj the owner to quote a reasonable price for night stay, but he was adamant on @2000 per head whether I stay just for night or take entire package.
Thanks to Mr Dhanraj of Desert Coursers we could explore new stay options around Zainabad. Thanks to locals out there for the co-operation to calling up various places and fixing accommodation for us.

3) Bhavna Farms – We stayed at Bhavna farms. Cottages similar to Desert Coursers + Hot water facility, geysers in each room. Desert Coursers didn’t have hot water facility. Equipped with AC, LCD, DTH almost similar to Desert Coursers. The only difference is the cottages here are nearby each other unlike Desert Courser wherein they are at distance.

Direction – Around 1kms after Patdi if going towards Zainabad, a small board of Bhavna Farms on LHS.
Cost – 1500 Per cottage for night stay with morning tea and breakfast.



4) Some farms name starting with “S” a bit ahead of Desert Coursers, we saw the board other day.

Budget accommodation

5) You will find budget accommodation at Patdi, around 10kms from Zainabad. A new lodge has come up, but opening was on Holi. Recommended for guys only.

6) Around 15 kms from Patdi, there’s a village named Malvan. Spoke to person on phone. Gayatri lodge with AC rooms and hot water facility quoted 700 INR per room. Didn’t check out as we settled for Bhavna farms.

We thought staying at Patdi or Malvan we would move away from Rann, but that’s not the case. For permit you need to go to Bajana which is 15kms from Zainabad.

Permit – Permit is required for LRK, many out there are not aware and may land in trouble, earlier people were asked to take “U” turn and go back but now imposed fine of 20,000 INR.

Permit can be taken from Bajana forest house. Once you reach Bajana ask for Forest officer house. The process of getting permit is simple, just ID proof of any one from group is required.

Route – Tell them you need to visit Dada’s temple (Varchaa Dada). Temple is 30kms inside Rann. For other route you need guide.
Cost – 250 for permit and 100 per camera.
Permit Validity – Time is written on permit, its around 4 hours so ask the officer to put entry time accordingly if you plan to go back to resort and take rest. The permit is for entry from Zinzuwada and exit again at Zinzuwada. Forest officer may stop you enroute Dada's temple from Zinzuwada. As per locals no permit required for exit at Palasva or no checking on Dada's temple and Palasva route.

Entire process was completed in 5 mins.

Do visit the small interpretation centre to get a glimpse of history.

Route to enter and exit Rann

Entry to Rann – Entry to Rann is from a village name Zinzuwada, once you reach there ask local for Dada’s temple and you will be guided to entry to Rann at Madapol gate.


Crossing Rann without getting lost – To cross the Rann you need to cover distance of around 90kms. Varcha Dada’s temple is around 30 kms from entry. The route is well marked with flags or milestones every few kms. When in confusion follow the trail where most tyre marks are there If you don’t find flags or milestones after sometime you are probable on wrong track. Once you reach Dada’s temple you need to reach Palasava the exit of Rann. Ask anyone at temple road to Palasva. There are small white flags with Palasva written on it. Also the edges of trail are ploughed indication these is boundary and keep following the ploughed trail.

The exit near Palasva is where a bit of careful driving is needed for Hatchback. Last 5 kms or so small cars need to be careful. We did it in Ritz.

Once you exit rann and are on kaccha road you will find a house like structure on your right and kacchaa road going up, once you climb up there are two small trails, once is at edge of some water body and one sharp left, take the sharp left, there’s a white flag of Palasva at corner behind bushes difficult to spot when you reach top.

Finally you have Raided the Rann and exited safely. Yes and no need for GPS trail ;)


Start of Rann - White Milestones


Ploughed Rann as boundary from Dada's temple to Palasva


  • Best Time to Cross Rann – After Jan I presume.

  • What if my car gets stuck in marshy land – No chances of getting stuck, if you follow the trail unless you intend to cross some salt panes and try other shortcut.

  • I don’t have GPS trail to cross Rann – You don’t need it if you follow the trail.

  • Can it be done in hatchback – Last 5kms at exit near Palasva you need to be careful rest is cake walk.

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Good compilation of info Sachin.
If all goes well no new discoveries would ever be made. So it was good that you did not get accommodation at DC and now we know that there is another better alternative-Bhavna farms.
Congratulations on successfully crossing the LRK. Photos are very nice.


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Great work Sachin, this would prove to be quite useful for those traveling to LRK :).
Thanks YS :)

Good compilation of info Sachin.
If all goes well no new discoveries would ever be made. So it was good that you did not get accommodation at DC and now we know that there is another better alternative-Bhavna farms.
Congratulations on successfully crossing the LRK. Photos are very nice.
Thanks Sudhakarji, we were bit disappointed when we had to leave DC and finding good accommodation seemed tough, but all is well that ends well :)

I am still reading this, but yes, great compilation. Good one.
Thanks jeet :)

- - - Updated - - -

Crossing / Entering GRK (Greater Rann of Kutch)​

Almost half a day left and we had crossed the Rann, with time remaining we decided to cross / enter Greater Rann of Kutch- GRK and touch Dholavira. Unlike LRK where we crossed through barren land the road to GRK is smooth tarmac. As per GMap after Balasar we will be passing through greater rann and see white desert on both sides.

Before I start on with experience of GRK, few important points to note.

Raan Utsav takes place at other side of GRK (Bhuj - Kala Dungar side) and this is a different side of GRK.

Distance and Road Condition – Dholavira is around 130kms from Palasva. Smooth surface and speed of 80 – 100 can be easily maintained.

This is the most important point. After Rapar there are no fuel bunks, so get your tank full at Rapar. Dholaviara to Rapar is approx 100 kms one way, so make sure you have enough fuel for 200kms. There’s a petrol pump near railway crossing if its closed there are few pumps in Rapar so better refuel at Rapar.
In case you don’t tank up, like we did, be ready to drive at 60’s speed with AC off and hoping that you get back to Rapar ;). At Dholavira you can get petrol in bottles but getting Diesel is tough as per locals at Dholavira.

Food stop – At Rapar you will find many places to eat. Right from thali to Dabeli to Pav Bhaji. So kindly tank up your car and tummy here.

Back to the trip

We were excited to see GRK, I have been there in Nov but was disappointed, due to rains it was marshy then. We expected to see White Rann on both sides once we crossed Balasar as per Google baba (maps) but it was hardly a km’s patch with White Rann on both side. We parked our car and got down.

We were quite disappointed at what we saw.

Glimpse of GRK enroute Dholavira




Decided to move towards Dholavira saw the museum and site.



Disappointed we were as we had came with lots of expectation to GRK :’(

Finally we decided to move towards Sunset point – BOP Karni. Its 8 kms from Dholavira site and its kaccha road, but nothing to worry.

BOP Karni


What we saw was

The first glimpse - In our mind Ok – Ok


As we moved towards shore - :eek: it was Wow

Its White Rann… Its salt… amazing landscape, just out of world.


A couple of tourist were there with guide, the guide told us that mountain is hardly 3 to 4kms and we can reach there :O the water is just 2 feets deep, its salt below he gave us tips on how to cross / go in water. Finally few of us ventured in.


Pinch of Salt ;)




Beautiful sunset :)


Chanda mama, yup it was full moon and the landscape looked amazing.


All the disappointment disappeared in thin air, this place seemed lot better than GRK shown, atleast for us.

Leave early morning and do cover both places along with Dholavira.

Stay options
Toran, run by Gujarat tourism for staying at Dholavira else get back to Rapar, many stay options at Rapar.

We drove all the way back to Ahmedabad :)


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Thanks [MENTION=16777]SachinS[/MENTION] for lots of useful information. I am planning to visit Kutch on / around 20th of April. This information helps a lot.

I was planning to go Bhuj and reach Kutch from there. But looks like this is a great alternative. Did you visit GRK from Bhuj? Which one do you recommand for us?

I would starting from Ahmedabad (actually from Hyderabad two day prior and reaching Ahmedabad), heading to Mt Abu after covering Kutch. Please help.

- - - Updated - - -

Also can we drive from Dholavira to Kala Dungar from inside Kutch?


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Hi [MENTION=38390]dbalachary[/MENTION],
Seems i am bit late to respond.

You can't drive from Dholavira to Kala Dungar from inside Rann :(

There's road from Dholavira to Bhuj.

If you are planning to do Bhuj i.e Kala Dungar, India Bridge and White Rann (GRK) also spare a day and visit Lakhpat and Koteshwar on day 2. Other option near Bhuj are Mandvi beach and Palace.

Hope this log of GRK is useful to you.
Great Runn..............
Great White................
Great Views...................
Great Captures..................


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[MENTION=16777]SachinS[/MENTION] Thanks a lot for sharing this information...!!

It is indeed very helpful.. for first timers like me who are going to ROK ..!!

Sachin Jatkar

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[MENTION=16777]SachinS[/MENTION] , this is really thoughtful and will help so many including myself.

Do you know how to cross LRK from Adesar side and come out from Zinzuwada?