Current Road condition Kolkata -> Rishikesh -> Phata -> Badrinath -> Nainital -> Kolkata


I can say about Rishikesh and ahead only.
Road is in construction phase.
Expect traffic during Navratra only going on now. After Dussehra Not much traffic.
Drive in Sunlight only in Hills.

Go before closing tentative dates....

मन्दिर समिति
Kapat of Shri Kedarnath Ji Temple will close on the occassion of Bhaidooj (29th Oct 2019). Kapat of Shri Badarinath Ji Temple will close after 15th November 2019(Exact date will be announced on Vijaydashmi).




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Please share your feedback on the preferred route for 10 days trip asap....

Current Road condition Kolkata -> Rishikesh -> Phata -> Badrinath -> Nainital -> Kolkata

Day 1 : Kolkata to Allahabad
Day 2: Allahabad to Nainital / Bhimtal
Day 3 : Nainital to Joshimath / Badrinath
Day 4 : Darshan and rest
Day 5 : Badrinath to Son Prayag / Sitapur (1km only)
Day 6 : Son Prayag to Valley / Temple on trek, Night Stay at Top
Day 7 : Return to Son Prayag / Sitapur
Day 8 : Return to Nainital or go to Rishikesh if you have time
Day 9 : Nainital to Allahabad
Day 10 : Allahabad to Kolkata

If you have time left then only goto Rishikesh.

Route can be
Kolkata to Prayagraj




Day 2: Allahabad to Rishikesh can take 15-18 hours practically.
If you are comfortable to do this only then go there at starting.

You can easily go to Badrinath Ji in daytime from Rishikesh, if start early in morning, 6-7 am max.
Do first Badrinath ji, then goto Son Prayag for Kedarnath ji Trek.
It will be easy on body to get rest in Hills.

Shared route
From Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh to Rishikesh, Uttarakhand via NH30.

14 hr 39 min (718 km)
14 hr 39 min in current traffic

For the best route in current traffic visit Prayagraj to Rishikesh

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