Dalhousie - Bani - Bhaderwah - Doda Road condition


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Could somebody enlighten me of the latest status of this road? I could not drive on this stretch in Sep 2014 due to floods in Srinagar. I am planning to drive to/fro Leh via Dalhousie in this September. I may consider this road either for the up or down journey or both.


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I am also looking for bhaderwah Dalhousie road for return journey from Kashmir in mid June, thaks for info...
Checked Udhampur Doda Bhadarwah road in June first week. Roads are ok. Driveable.
Keep eye at potholes at places. Some patches are not good but easily driveable.
Have Rajmah Chawal at Ramgarh !
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Bani Sarthal Chattargala pass Bhaderwah road Extremely Dangerous
Thousand Feet Deep George's 30-50 degree Steep Road which make These Road More Extreme and Challenging
80 plus kilometers Road Length is full of Gravels sands Paddles stones
Road Conditions Are Not Good For Hatchback cars Because Front Wheel power not grip Properly
Not suitable Road for Low Ground clearance Cars
SUV With 4×4 High ground Clearance Need For Driving on this Road
Suitable Road Conditions for Bike Rider
150 cc or Above cc Bikes good for This Road
Good Working Shockers Need For Bike
Bani Sarthal Chattargala pass Bhaderwah Road is Good For Adventure Lover Persons
Awesome Views of sarthal Meadows High Altitude Of Chattargala Pass Seven Waterfall Coniferous Forest Covered Mountain Folk Of Bani Shaktimata Temple Sewa River All These Create a Perfect Tourists Destination


Sanam jamwal

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Bani - Sarthal - Bhaderwah Road Open from April to November
Road Conditions are To Bad For Driving
High Ground Clearance Vehicles Suitable for This Road
150 cc bike or Above CC need for Travel on this Road
First Aid Box, Air Pump, Drinking water, Some packed food carry while Driving or Riding Bani - Bhaderwah Road
Road conditions Are to Baad Gravels, Stones Sand all these make tuff Conditions
Some places Road Are 6 feet Wide One Side mountain wall Or Other Thousand Feet Deep George's
Most Extreme Road