Dealers have highjacked the Used Car Market


Mediocre me
1. Finding a clean old car at sensible price is Impossible these days.

2. Selling your Clean and Well maintained car at respectable price is impossible these days.

Strange, but thats how market is these days.

In old days, dealers wanted a 5-10% cut or say 10K-20K margin on each sale/purchase.
These days they want to make 1-2Lac ruppee on each car sold. And if car is a big SUV, they want 5Lac as margin.

Artificial money is pumped in market to hold inventories for many months, but not sell it cheap.

Try to sell a 2 yr old Thar Petrol AT for say 13L and they would offer 11L.
Try to buy same Thar P-AT , and you will be asked for 16L minimum.

Sell a 8 Yr old WagonR, you will be given 1.7Lac.
Try buying the same, you will be asked 3Lac.

Strange times. Because OLX type of platforms are cheaters and hand in gloves with Dealers now. Your listing does not get displayed in top 3-4 pages.
This is same as property.

Where ever there is dealer, price difference will be there.

Sellers / Customers also want more price and then handover such cars to other app based people to get rid at last.

It takes time to sell old car to a suitable buyer and you have to be patient.
Olx, facebook etc are platforms require much more time & effort.