Decent budget headphones for movies

Yogesh Sarkar

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For quite sometime, I have been thinking of using headphones for watching TV. The arrangement is that Tata Sky's audio output goes to the home theatre and sound is produced and video output is directly fed to the TV. No audio output is fed to the TV (not required).

The concern is that the Sony Home Theatre which I use doesnt have a headphone port. The only viable option which comes to my mind is to split the Tata Sky's sound output to two and feed one to home theatre and other to headfones.


1. Will the onboard amp of Tata Sky be able to feed and reproduce sound from the headphones? Hope the sound will not be too feeble. The same output is fed to TV also but then TV has its own amp too.

2. I have a Logitech universal remote which operates all the equipment (TV, Tata Sky and Home Theatre). The remote is so programmed that the when I increase the volume on the remote then the volume on the home theatre goes up (Tata Sky's output is constant). Actually the remote can be programmed in various ways through its computer interface and I have programmed it such that the volume is linked with home theatre (logical). However when using headfones I shall not be able to increase / decrease the volume. Any suggestions for the same?
I don’t think loudness would be an issue; in any case, you can always buy a headphone amp. As for controlling volume, you can always buy headphones, which have volume control.