Delhi - Kausani (Uttarakhand) | KTM D390 (2014 & 2018) & Honda CBR 250R Repsol


Let's Make Life a Ride
Hello Dear Brothers !! Hope you all are doing just great !! Here's another Write-up with loads of tasty pictures and my Vlog Link for your pleasure of your eyeballs and mind...

A Little not so boring Preface : The Winter is here and it's that time of the Year, we all all wait in particular, to roll out and head on for various destinations. For us this decision, as in "Where to go to?" always gets difficult as we have to keep in mind things like "Common days of leaves", time we have in hand, budget and some other not so worth mentioning pointers. But after the Online & offline researches it was locked on for Kausani, Uttarakhand India. As always, thanks to @prateek2210 for scouting out the place.
Riders were three Prateek (CBR 250R Respsol) | Agniva D390 (2014) | I the me on my D390 (2018), aka " Falcon".
Dates : 29th Nov - Dec 1 2019
Stay at : Hotel Blossom Resort, booked via Oyo by Agniva. Very good hotel with awesome view, people.
Few things to keep in mind though - the approach to the main hotel is a winding & steep inclination f 35-40-ish degree. Also food is a tad little expensive but good, taste wise. Staff is very co-operative. Overall highly recommended.

NOTE: You would not find any special mention / post / video of the StarGate Observatory, which is one of the main attraction there. The reason I didn't have the option to do extreme low light photo / videos there.

Vlog dekhna zaroor aur just like every other YouTuber, I would also say (video mein phir se bola hai though).... Subscribe kar dena.... Pasand aye toh Like kar dena aur kuch advice dena hai ya bolna hai (negativity na spreak kartey hue) to Comment kar dena...... all these are harmless & also won't incurr a single paisa from your pocket.....

The Vlog Link

Ok now let the Photos do the talking .....

That's what & how I packed .... read... Over packed... Guardian Gears Shark Tank Bag | Rynox Expedition Tank Bag (bekaar baag hai)


Pic taken by Agniva on my Oneplus 7T | Edited & Color graded (CG) in Photoshop 2019

IMG_20191129_110941 ED.jpg

Somewhere in between | shot on Oneplus7T | Edited & Color graded (CG) in Photoshop 2019

IMG_20191129_160751 ED.jpg

Somewhere in between | shot on Oneplus7T | Edited & Color graded (CG) in Photoshop 2019


At the Hotel Lawn| shot on Oneplus7T | Edited & Color graded (CG) in Photoshop 2019

IMG_20191130_080841 ED.jpg

At the Hotel Lawn | shot on Oneplus7T | Edited & Color graded (CG) in Photoshop 2019

IMG_20191130_090408 ED.jpg

My Primal Shooter - Canon 80D (lens in this pic is Canon 10-18 mm) | shot on Oneplus7T | Edited & Color graded (CG) in Photoshop 2019


In case you're using a Phone Gimbal & someone calls you, this is how you may take the call... Here's a demo from Agniva


Posing for this photo & seeing (what you see in the next pic)


A Mesmerizing Picturesque Sunrise from the Hotel Terrace, on Day 2 morning.


Agniva got some Dope shots from his Redmi K20Pro, mounted on this DJI Osmo 3 Phone Gimbal. This photo was clicked at Kausani Tea Garden.


Dabbang 4 Poster leaked.... :lol:


Appun logo k bikes !!


Another Epic Sunset happening in the backdrop .........


... and being Timelapsed as well ... Set the Oneplus for a good 1 & 1/2 hr. The result shows in my Vlog.


Canon 80D on Bulb Mode for 1 hr approx.... shot another for almost 2 hrs, but somehow that photo didn't even show up in the Card :sad:


A Click from the Gopro Hero 7 Black.

GOPR0166 ED.jpg

My most fav pic from the Nikon A900 (Point & Shoot)... I know the pic is grainy..but also this cam has fallen from my hands a good 5 times. So much so, even Kapil bhai (Kapil Inderjeet Vohra aka The Camera Magician) said... "gaya yeh toh ab"

DSCN1957 ED.jpg

The Last Pic from my end | shot on Oneplus7T | Edited & Color graded (CG) in Photoshop 2019


As a Special Conclusive Note I would have loved to see a physical comment and few likes from Yogesh-da... @Yogesh Sarkar .... but upon his sudden demise, am sure he's seeing this & us all from Heaven..... Miss you Yogesh-da.