Delhi - Manali - Leh - Kargil - Srinagar - Amritsar


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Hello Everyone,

We have planned a trip to leh from delhi in August.
And we will cover the following places Delhi - Manali - Leh - Kargil - Srinagar - Amritsar - Delhi.
We will hire bikes from Delhi, and we have 14 days with us to complete this trip.
We will arrive in delhi on 9th August and we have return ticket to bangalore on 24th Aug Morning.

I have few questions here
1. Can the trip be done in 14 days.?
2. From where I can hire bikes in delhi, As I am from bangalore and I have no idea about delhi.
3. Which all places I can visit on the way?
4. Can I directly visit Tso Moriri from manali before going to leh. [As I want to skip renting bikes in leh to visit tso moriri] Can I take rented bikes from delhi to Tso-Moriri, Is it allowed there.

~Thanks everyone

Yogesh Sarkar

1. Yes.
2. There are plenty of renters in Delhi, Karol Bagh has plenty of them. Keep a day aside for renting, come here, check the bikes and get them prepared.
3. You can take the Srinagar route and cover Nubra and Pangong Tso, then come back via Manali route.
4. You can, but it isn't recommended. Since it is fairly high in altitude. That is why going via Srinagar route and coming back via Manali would be a good idea.


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Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for the information.

I have a confusion on my 4th Question.
I have heard that we can't use rented vehicle's in leh, we need to rent from leh again.
As we are going to leh via manali.
I was planning to visit tso-kar from pang, then further to tso moriri and then reach leh, I am afraid if they won't allow us because we have rented bikes from delhi.
Do we need inner pemit to visit tso kar , tso moriri and pangong?

Yogesh Sarkar

You need to hire for Nubra and Pangong. For Tso Moriri you can take the rented bikes.

Indian Citizens do not need permit for Tso Moriri and Pangong, just a self declaration form.