Delhi-NCR to Haridwar or nearby Areas Road / Route


Most of us go from Delhi-NCR to Haridwar, ahead or nearby areas.
NH 58 (old) is full of traffic all day.
Traffic Jam is common problem on this route.
We can discuss here about the alternative routes, road conditions towards Haridwar / ahead / nearby areas.


A friend went on a new route from Rohini to Haridwar.
He started around 5am.
It took only 4.30 hrs to go and he came back via same route due to much less traffic.
He went on Tuesday, 5th March 2019 and there was good fog on this route till Bagpat.
It was difficult to spot Eastern Peripheral Highway in fog.
I was not with him otherwise it was easy to rely on Google Maps.

Madhuban Chowk Rohini / Pitampura
Mukarba Chowk, Bypass
Singhu Border, Delhi
Rai - Eastern Peripheral Highway
( Take Entry Receipt at Toll Road)
Exit at Bagpat Toll (Pay at Exit)
Local Road was patchy for 4-5km only.
Then it went to Ganga Canal Road.
Ganga Canal Road is good.
It has problem of opposite traffic headlight problem at night.
You can avoid this at night after 7pm.
It connects on old NH58 / New NH34 near Khatauli
Muzaffarpur Bypass
(Byass construction is in progress)

This is the route:

Madhuban Chowk to Haridwar


Madhuban Chowk to Haridwar

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I have also been to this Ganga Canal Road, however, only two lanes for both side traffic makes it a good alternate in case we observe traffic jams on Google maps till the start of Meerut bypass.


Starting will be from Outer area of Ghaziabad Crossing on Eastern Peripheral Expressway before Murad Nagar.
It will be between Ghaziabad Crossing and Dasna Crossing at Kallu Garhi :

Can you see Kallu Garhi ?


Visible Now ?

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The new road being constructed is Delhi Meerut expressway
starting from Nizammudding to Dasna (Old NH 24) and then a green field road till Meerut. Due to this road, the govt is not paying much heed to NH-58 now a days.