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Hello Brothers !!

It's time for another Travelogue from the recent one by @prateek2210 and myself. While a detailed Vlog Link is shared herein, this write-up, would primarily show the photos clicked and some words n lines here n there. Hope you guys would like them.

A Little Overview:

Journey Dates :
13-15 th June
Cameras used in this Trip: Gopro Hero Basic, Hero4Silver & Hero7Black, G-Cam installed in my PocofoneF1 (for all still photographs, and ability to shoot RAW) and rarely the Nikon A90 P&S. didn't carry my DSLR on purpose.
Bikes: "FALCON" or, my KTM D390 2018 (mine) and prateek on his Honda CBR250R Respol
We stayed at NoGo Hotel, Banjaar, Kullu District, booked via Oyo.
Verdict: very bad service and very aptly named...No-Go....would never go there again.. :-D . Why ? here's why -
A. the Hotel showed 5 stars rating on the Oyo App, but it was actually worth One star.
B. there was 16-17 years old kid at the reception. No in-house food...not even tea...everything has to be purchased from outside. May be there's some commission system working in between.
C.The good sides were - Room was okay type (washroom was actually bigger than the living room...LOL). Got access to the roof for some evening time lapses.
Lessons Learnt: 1. never riding in June again. 2. never trust the Oyo App 3. Google Maps - A Worthless App
KTM Alloys: still get bent on hard impact (watch my Vlog for details)
KTM India Customer Service: sucks big time, as there is still no response, other than Auto-Generated ones, as I complained about my problem.

Anyway.... enough it's Photo Time !!!

1. At Panipat Toll Plaza - the first and most usual Pit Stop / Butt break [ PocofoneF1]


2. Somewhere en-route [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190613_165849 EDSO.jpg

3. This was before entering Mandi (One sexy stretch of smooth road with sweeping corners, marked with the message "ROCK FALLING ZONE" [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190613_165909 EDSO.jpg

4. Sutlej [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190613_181128 EDSO.jpg

5. Sutlej 2 [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190613_181156 EDSO.jpg

6. Falcon & Sutlej [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190613_181239 ED SOCIAL.jpg

7. This was Larji Dam, if am right [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190613_184047 EDSO.jpg

8. Again, somewhere en-route [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190614_092107 EDSO.jpg

9. Falcon wallpaper [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190614_114912 EDSO.jpg

10. My current FB DP (clicked by Prateek) [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190614_115252 EDSO.jpg

11. This was a tricky shot, as the wind was confusing the AF of the Camera to focus, even when tapped to lock the AF. manual mode comes to the rescue [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190614_121254 EDSO.jpg

12. Ek Poser Photo clicked by Prateek [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190614_123256 EDSO.jpg

13. Hydration is needed on the Go.... [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190614_123313 EDSO.jpg

14. the JCB in the frame is not in conjunction with on-going JCM memes but I felt it was complimenting and completing the frame. [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190614_184952 EDSO.jpg

15. A Dream House location for me [ PocofoneF1]

IMG_20190614_192820 EDSO.jpg

16. Just instantly loved this reflection, pulled over and clicked it.

IMG_20190615_072114 EDSO.jpg

17. Wire Removal & Color Grading in Adobe PS [ PocofoneF1]


18. The Only Pic clicked from my Nikon A900 (clicked by Prateek)

DSCN1809 EDSO.jpg

19. Not Sure, when Prateek would upload his share of Pics. So am sharing a heavily edited one from my end. [ Nikon A900 ]

DSCN1812 EDSO.jpg

20. last but not the least at all, as this was the Bummer of the trip. Alloy bent, rear Metzeller tore open to leak. had to change rear tire to MRF [ PocofoneF1]


That's all from the Photo Point of view. & here's the Vlog Link

Delhi-Tirthan on Motorcycle


KTM is not made for any Indian Roads other than Racing Track type Road only !

The cost to maintain it is too much !
MRF is good for tough Indian roads & terrain with hard rubber compound !


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Please post your review of the hotel on OYO website, trip advisor, etc, so that other travellers know what they're in for. After reading your review, I looked for online reviews for this hotel & found only one 3-star rating. There are many other very nice places to stay in Tirthan & Banjaar valleys so read some of the reviews and better luck next time. We were in Himachal - Kinnaur, Spiti & Banjaar from 19 May to 2 June - and loved the place and its people so do ask your friend to reconsider his views in your vlog!


Just to clear out things., not recommending H.P is my personal opinion. People are free to take it in whatever way possible. I have decided not to go to Tirthan side again, and since I have almost done most of H.P in last decade, I guess I would anyday prefer other states, hill stations now.

Problem with our country is, people cant accept the fact that they can agree to disagree with others' opinions and move on with life. Anyways I will stick to my views and not recommending the place to anyone, based on my personal experience. If still people have issue with my opinion and thoughts, I honestly dont want to explain anything to anyone.

And regarding reviews and then booking, being travellers we dobt know where we would reach at eod, so we have to rely on these apps and if the app says the hotel is good,, we cant question it. Its only when we reach there, we get to know the reality. Same thing can happen to place which people find good, but others wont.