Delhi To Amritsar Road Trip EBS (North Corridor) By A Honda City

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Ek Bharat Series is about being adventurous and exploring the small beautiful places in and around your city.

Our Love for lesser known places. The benefits of these places are they are untouched by those fancy touristy things and you can see the originality of the place. Our craving for these places took us to Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

The route we took was as follows :




My channel is called Highway Apostle on YouTube. Highway Apostle channel is NOT a commercial channel and it is my way of giving back what BCMTouring, YouTube & Friends From Rallying Days have given me. Thank you all. Aabhari.

Delhi To Amritsar | Part 1 | Ek Bharat Series

Historically known as Ramdaspur & colloquially as Ambarsar, Amritsar is India's most northwestern a city. It is near Pakistan, with the Wagah Border being only 28 kms away.

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Amritsar & Our Hotel | Part 2 | Ek Bharat Series

Hotel DNR Pride's unique personality is enhanced by its enthusiastic staff, who are always eager to extend a warm welcome and attend to your needs. A 5 Star experoence for a 3 Star price.