Delhi to Bhangarh


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Whats the best route from Delhi?

Can it be covered in a day?
What time to leave?

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I want to know route from Noida.
Google maps is showing route from Faridabad, how is that route?


You went or still not gone ?


Please help !


i did delhi to sariska ride by the route as mentioned above. I covered the distance in the night, the next day did the sariska safari (till afternoon) but couldn't go to the bhangarh as some locals said its about 25 kms(correct if not wrong) as i had to get back to delhi same day. the route is just too mad, huge traffic etc.


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Can it be done in a day?
Easily doable in a day, we did this a few years ago. While going we took Delhi-Gurgaon-Chandwaji-Tala mod (if I remember the name of the the turn correctly) and then some interior route. While coming back, we took the route that you mentioned. The only gripe I have is the latter route has speed breaker every few minutes but that was like 6 years ago, no idea about the current state.


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Route 1 - Delhi - Gurgaon - Bhiwadi - Alwar (bypass) - Rajgarh - Bamanpura ( Can stop by Abhaneri) - Dausa - Bhangarh. The route is mostly very good to good.

Route 2 - Delhi - Gurgaon - Bhiwadi - Alwar (bypass) - Sariska - Thana ghazi - Ajabgarh - Bhangarh. The route till Thanagazhi is very good to good. From thangazhi to Bhangarh is Ok'ish.

Route 3 - If its a TUESDAY/ SATURDAY. Delhi - Bhiwadi - Alwar (bypass) - Sariska National Park (main gate) - Drive thru Sariska - Tehla - Bhangarh. The exciting part is the drive through the Tiger reserve (as of now only tuesdays and saturdays against a payment of Rs250/- per car and lesser on two wheelers) The route thru SariskaNP is not tarred but it is decent.

Route 4 - Via NH8 to Thanagazhi - Longer and heavy traffic, doesnt make sense to take this route


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How is route from Yamuna expressway?
I have never done it myself, but I know quite a few people from Noida do take this route (even coming to jaipur). Though its much longer, but its much faster also. Till last year the Bharatpur to Mathura stretch had a few bottlenecks, but they also have been taken care of now.

Still, my suggestion will be, if you start early (say 5ish) from Noida take Route 2 or route 1. Simply because Rajasthan state highway is very very scenic, or rather more scenic than the highways