Delhi to Goa unforgettable Road Trip With my Grandy


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Road Trip always excite and thrills you \\:D/, when you :-k thinking about a place to explore and i also one of them who thinking the same :supz:

and also this is my first travelog here after the joining BCM Touring so its a first time to write anything here if you find anything wrong in the log please correct me but i think this is the right time to share something.

Delhi to Goa 6 State 8 Days with my Grand i10 (Diesel)


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=D>Rohit my Nephew he joined us in mumbai

And its Me Arun =D>


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Road Trip Hmmm... Road Trip...
When i will Go Goa?

Always one thing is running in my mind that when i will visit goa with my Grandy (e.g. my Car) last year i purchased my Grandy but due to some reason not able to visit the my dream destination.

Driving on the crowded city roads was not a very likable thing but still there are many places nearby which are easily accessible by road and which I had always wished to explore. After the occasional Trips near Delhi, jalandhar, mathura, lansdowne, Haridwar and Jaipur road trips, I thought I was ready for a “long drive”.

I had already covered so many places near delhi by road last couple of months, so that was out of question, is it right time to visit Goa in mansoon, first question rise in my mind? so explore on the internet and decide to visit goa this mansoon. after the discussion with friends We decided to leave on 18th of august afternoon after the rituals of raksha bandhan.

While going we took the Delhi-Jaipur-kishangarh-Bhilwara-Udaipur-Vadodra-Surat-Mumbai-Pune-Goa highway, While returning we took the same route and drove home in 3 days straight. This highway is amazing, a lot of toll booths on the way but totally worth it.

Even though I wasn’t behind the wheel for a very long stretch, the drive, the roads and the overall experience was awesome. In my opinion, the best time to visit Goa is July and August. The forts were green with mossy green walls and the beaches were refreshing with occasional rains. The rains were never a hindrance to any of our plans and made everything around even more pleasant. And the best part was – no touristy rush.