Delhi to God's own country (Kerala), via Goa


We Ride Together
DELHI TO KERALA, VIA GOA to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary... 3500+km, 6 days, morethan 55+ hours on the road. heavy fog , unbearable heat, bad wind, off road conditions.. but we (me & wife) made it, the trip of our life. thank god and the #dominar400.


Start : Gurgaon (16th December)
End: Wayanad, Kerala (22nd December)
Total km: 3500+ (only city to city, sightseeing is 700km extra)
Total Petrol: 112 ltr
Max Speed: 142Km/h
Mileage: 30.8km/ltr


We Ride Together
Day 1 (16/12/2017) - Gurgaon to Udaipur

Total KM to cover : 640KM
Starting time : 4:30AM

It was a busy working week for both of us, but still we managed to wake early for the trip. The panniers were packed yesterday so, it was a easy start the first day. Weather was too cold, fog. and we were a little sleepy too.
a quick check the bike and and panniers and we are ready :)


In pic: Gurgaon, the first touch to NH48 and the first photo of our trip.

It was very tough to us to continue the ride in this weather. so, we took a small break to get little warm.

In pic: Our breakfast stop, it was too cold so we thought to have our breakfast which she cooked in the morning, Panner sandwich.

Somehow we managed to reach Jaipur and we stopped in a dabba to get coffee. it took time for us to get our body temperature to get normal.

In Pic: the coffee break before taking jaipur bypass.

After jaipur we made a bad choice for our route. Kishangarh - Bilwara - Chittograh - Udaipur. please don't choose this route if you are planning this route. this is actually NH48, full of trucks, deadly places, no option for bathroom. i was bit scared as i was riding with my wife. we choose this route because, it was national highway and double lined roads.
Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 7.36.40 PM.png

In pic, The route we took after jaipur.


In pic: Rajastan Tali for the Dinner.

we reached Udaipur by 5:30 PM and was a tired day for us. but, the actual headache was after after reaching the city "NO INTERNET IN UDAIPUR THAT DAY". Section 144 was imposed by the security authorities in Rajasthan's Udaipur, fearing communal outrage, after a man was hacked to death over a social media post. we, spend a lot of time to find the our host, and it was 7:30PM when we finally reached.


In pic: Udaipur Stay.

We always choose homestay instead of hotel. so that we can meet travel people also it is cheep and safe too.


We Ride Together
Day 2 (17/12/2017) - Udaipur to Vadodara

Total KM to cover : 350KM
Starting time : 6:30AM

We started a little late as per our scheduled time. We were soo tired of yesterdays ride, heat. It was a nice weather in udaipur also the INTERNET IS BACK. The road was with nice view.

In pic: Our breakfast stop.

Just noticed, our rain cover for the right side bag is gone, nobody noticed :-(

The rajastan border. we were happy that we crossed a full state at the first time.

We are in gujarat. The roads are even better here. We actually forgot to took photos after entering gujarat.

The weather was getting more hotterthan what we expected at this time.

We decided not to have lunch until reach vadodara.

So we took a chocolate break :)

It was nice to see clean water rivers.

We reached by 3PM.