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Dear Friends, I am a new member of this forum. I have recently purchased a Honda City. I plan to travel from Delhi to Indore by road. Through internet search, I have homed on to the following route : - Delhi-Jaipur-Kishangarh-Nasirabad-Bhilwara-Chittorgarh-Indore
My request to the members is to suggest the best route from Chittorgarh to Indore.
Option I via - Neemach-Mandsaur-Nagda-Ujjain
Option II via - Pratapgarh - Banswara- Ratlam
Option III via - Neemach-Mandsaur-Mahidpur-Ujjain
Which out of above is a four lane highway with divider. Which one is best suited to travel with family
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@khoj replied :

The first route is a divided highway except for a patch after Chittaurgarh for about 30-35 kms. The road too is patchy due to big dumpers running from limestone quarries to cement plants in the area. Rest is A1, fast deserted roads and no people in sight. A driver's dream road.

To conclude route1 has 0 facilities. Few small settlements and a few fuel stations far apart from each other.

The second route I've not travelled on, so no comments.


Route from chittaur to neemuch was 4 laned . So it is throuhout 4 laned. The route should be neemuch- mandsaur - ratlam- lebar- indore. No need to go via nagda and ujjain as this is a road without divider. All ofd the cities mentioned have bypasses. The highway has sufficient food and fuel options, do not expect them to be like Delhi chandgrh. This highway used to pass through the cities before the bypass for all of then came into existence so for all good hotels and food options you will have to get i n the city. Do not worry, all these cities are not ver y big and have light traffic in case you do want to get it.

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How about going via Agra-Gwalior-Guna-Indore? That is the NH3 (Agra-Bombay road)?

I haven't dared to take tis road till date due to the horror stories of NH3 beyond Dewas, but have recently heard that the northern part of NH3 has also been made 4-lane now. Kindly confirm, if known.

I have travelled on NH3 towards Mumbai many times and that is very good.


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I drove on 10 October 19
Jaipur to Nasirabad - good road
Nasirabad to Chittorgarh. - many diversions due to construction of overbridges hence took lot of time
Chittorgarh to Ratlam - good road
Ratlam to Indore - bad road as broken due to rains