Delhi to South India By Road Jan 2017.

Shiva Sharma

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Hello evryone,
I am planning this trip in Coming Jan 2017 with my 2 brother on VERNA crdi 2012. We 3 are good driver. This Trip is Close To my heart. Looking here for experts to throw light on itinerary and route condition with some guidance (especially down south) on route and some of things to do.

Day 1
Delhi>Nshik(1253 km)
Stay at nashik for shirdi Darshan.
Day 2
Nashik>Khandala(213 km)
Saty and Visit places
Day 3
Khandala>Chennai (1121 km)
Day 4 Day 5
Rest in chennai & Sightseeing in Chennai
Day 6
Day 7
Sightseeing In Rameshwaram
Day 8
Day 9
Thiruvanthapuram>Munnar kerela(284km)
Kerela Sightseeing
Day 11
Kerela Sightseeing
Day 12
Munnar>hyderabad (1033km) or Munnar>Goa(1032) ?????

i have 5 more days remaining.I'll plan Accordingly.
How is the road condition between This Plan. What route to take from delhi.
Pl. Do give me suggestions for evrything i'll appreciate. :) :supz:
Pl. do tell What things to carry on this long road trip and evrything related.


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Delhi-Nashik on day-1 would be very tiring and long. It seems you have'nt considered the 'Fog' element in January around Delhi-Jaipur road. Keep at least half a day aside for Shirdi darshan (It is too crowded anytime of the year). What route are you planning to take from Khandala to Chennai, via Hyderabad or Bangalore? Again Khandala-Chennai would be too long. Kerala has a lot of things to see, what are your preferences in just 2 days? Elaborate your plans for us to assist you better.
May be you have FLYING GEAR !
Then you can do your above plan easily.

You can reach Khandala in 24 hours if you all drive 3-4 hours turn by turn easily. Fog in North India is big traffic crawl problem and all night traffic will move in day only when Fog is there.

Break journey every 8-10 hours of drive is good.

Better move in daytime as night driving is not recommended at places.


Delhi - Nashik looks tough to do in a day considering fog in Jan.
Khandala - Chennai (1121 km) looks doable, I have done Mumbai - Mysore (1050 km) in 17hrs last December solo driver, in my opinion mumbai - bangalore is safe to drive in night as well.


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As everyone said, Delhi-Nashik is a bit over ambitious to be done in a day, not only in January but during anytime of the year. I would rather suggest, break the Day 1 Journey in 2 days. Delhi-Indore can be covered during the day time with some night driving. This would ensure a shorter and a less tiring drive. Additionally, on day 2, you can reach Shirdi-Indore is about 500 km. Hence, if you leave around 4ish from Indore, you can make it to Shirdi by afternoon, leaving you some time for Darshan (other members around that area would have the best advise on the timings).

Along with that, since we still don't have a clarity over your plans and your intentions, I feel that you're rushing through places with that plan and not doing justice to any of them. Considering 17 days in hand (12+5), you can do the below

1. Delhi-Udaipur
2. Udaipur and around (can be avoided if you want)
4. Mumbai (can be avoided if you want saving a day)
5. Mumbai-Goa
6.7.8. Goa
9. Goa-Kochi(need advice if doable, ~800 km and 16 hours as per google maps)
10. Backwaters
11. Kochi-Munnar (leave early and spend about 3/4th of the day here)
12. Munnar-Rameshwaram (leave early and spend 3/4th of the day here)
13. Rameshwaram-Chennai (take the ECR), you may include one day at Puducherry, if Mumbai/Udaipur are avoided
14. Chennai-Pune (the longest stretch, about 15 hours of drive, roads are amazing though)
15. Pune-Shirdi (Only 200km to be covered, head straight to the temple, look for a hotel post darshan and crash for the night)
16. Shirdi-Gwalior (stretch a bit, 1000km on a Verna should be doable...experts, please advise. This would enable you to have a shorter and a less tiring distance during the last leg of the journey, taking the fog factor into account.
17. Gwalior-Delhi