Deomali <-- Highest Peak of Odisha & Duduma <-- Three Big Waterfalls at one place


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Amazing place and equally amazing description. I felt as if I was travelling along with you. Someday I will ride to the top of Deomali from Sambalpur - Koraput route. Thanks for the info.


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Amazing place and equally amazing description. I felt as if I was travelling along with you. Someday I will ride to the top of Deomali from Sambalpur - Koraput route. Thanks for the info.
Thank you @TheD ji.... for reading and liking the travelogue
Kundili to Deomali Top = Day 1 Part III

I started riding towards Deomali Top at 4 PM. Sun light was perfect and I was expecting to ride this 23 Km road before sunset.
This was the first view of Deomali Mountain.

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Road was single village road but not bad for riding. The view of Deomali mountain was also better

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Further zoom view

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Sun was setting down and sunlight was falling on Deomali Mountain. Perfect light for a photograph

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There are many Watch Towers on Deomali Top Road. I could see some from here

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This is Deomali Nallah

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This is a small water stream of Deomali Mountain Range

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Joy Ride ?
No, locals travel like this only due to lack of affordable local transport.
At least 10 persons were travelling on jeep top and on front bonnet. There must be another 10 inside the jeep.

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There are some villages like Kotiya and Gumelpadar ahead. May be they are travelling there.

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The road was single lane but nice one

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A zoom view

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Some plain land are also cultivated here

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At around 4.37 PM I was still at 3300 feet above sea level. Now was the time to ride on Ghat Roads :supz:

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Just riding after 3 minutes I saw a road diversion. Right one was going towards Kotiya. And left one was going up towards Deomali Top.
Saw this cemented info board. It was written "DEOMALI - Odisha's Peak Point - 1672 meter above sea level - Pottangi , Koraput "

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Full picture of that cemented sign board

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Until this point there was good road. After this 2.6 KM was very bad road with lots of pebbles , Gravel and mettle on road. It was damaged very badly at some place. There were lots of dense forest trees on both sides.
My riding experience of Ladakh helped me here. I was confidently riding in spite of bad roads.

At around 4.52 PM , I reached Deomali Top mountain road. I was at around 4500 feet above sea level. From here on wards there is a mountain top road towards Deomali Peak for 3.6 KM. This road is the best part of this trip. Both side views of small mountains and I am riding on hill top road with great view.
I took a selfie there. One can see both tiredness and happiness on my face.

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Some mesmerizing view from there

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The Deomali Top Road starts from East of Deomali mountain range and it is 3.60 KM long. Starting point is Mathalambo.
This Google earth image will give you fair idea about my ride from Mathalambo of east side to Deomali Peak side towards west.

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That mountain is Mathalambo

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My Bike with Deomali Peak View

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Another great view of my bike with Deomali mountain range

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And the last picture from this point

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Re stared my ride , but stopped again to see this road which I rode

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Sun was going down in west

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View opposite side with watch tower, my bike and some great mountains in background

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The road ahead...... That high mountain is Deomali Peak

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It was 4.57 PM and Sun was setting down fast. I had to reach last point before it is dark.
And just to inform you that there was NOBODY around. I was alone from Mathalambo to Deomali mountain top road.
It was sun set time and there was a different type of silence there. This was my truely SOLO ride experience. Fear with great 360 degree view.

Only myself at a Highest place of Odisha with sun set !!!

NEXT= Mesmerizing sun set from Deomali
Really Awesome.


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Wonderful informative write up with beautiful pictures. The only let down is no attention has been paid to the road conditions which are also essential for the by-road tourers.
Keep up your great work.


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I have no words to thank you brother. This is particularly so because I have a plan to visit Deomali hills, Dumduma, Gupteswar, Araku and Vizag in the month of Nov'17 by my Nano car. So I was looking for some travelogues for guiding me. Your trravelogue will be of much help to me. I only wish there was more information on the road conditions because I am going to travel by the smallest car in India.
Keep travelling and keep writing.


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Stunning photos really and hats off to your courage for being all alone in that remote place.
Could you please tell me if you prebooked your stay at the Ashram or you simply went there and stayed? Can any one stay there or there are any conditions. Please give me this information because I want to visit this place.