Deomali <-- Highest Peak of Odisha & Duduma <-- Three Big Waterfalls at one place


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Whenever I plan to visit an unknown place, or some tourist place for the first time , I do plan a lot about the route, places for night stay, important places near by, distance between places, name of small town or villages en route etc. It is because for riding solo , there is only one person to help you and that is God and Google Maps. But God helps only those who help them self. And Google Maps help those who jot it down for offline map purpose.

I do all these home work at my free time at my office.


Google maps help travelers like me a lot

Planning and noting

more planning

Next = Cuttack to ascend of Salur Ghati = Day 1 Part I
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Something New !!!!!
4th picture is superb and keep going.
Thanks rohitbhat ji

Now this will be a place to visit for me...
Beuatiful pictures sajal bhai :)
Thank you Sanu Bhai..... there many beautiful unexplored places in Odisha. Every year we can visit two at least.
And you and Ananya Bhauja must visit Deomali once.

Chagaye sajal bhai...waiting for more
Thanks Ashesh

Beautiful shots of the landscapes Sajal sir. Sunset one is beyond imagination. :)
I noticed some dust spots in your 3rd shot. Sensor cleaning time, may be ;)
Thanks amritash ji ..... my camera could not fully capture the pristine beauty during sun set at Deomali. And yes there were some dust particles on lens , but I found out that next day morning only. Good observation Sir !

Sajal dada excellent photography.
The Sunset picture is awesome.
Keep going.

wow Deomali...

In My childhood, in book, i read about this, but never get a chance to visit..

Few years back i decided to visit those places, but as those areas are highly effected by naxalites, i cancelled my program. Glad you make that...
Thanks sukantasarangi ji.....This place was affected by naxals before 2-3 years. But now it has became more or less, peaceful. I also saw Machhkund police station en route, which was blown away by naxals in 2010.

Lovely video Sajal bhai :)
Thanks Sanu Bhai....I uploaded it so that our BcmTourians can feel that place.

What a mind blowing update...
Sajal bhai you rock indeed
Thanks Sanu Bhai :)

Sajal Bhaina..
mu pakka jibi
beautiful place.. awesome video..
Thanks Ananya visit this place during winters. I mean between Nov -to - Feb. This entire area is different during that time.
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I rode for 1263 Km total in this ride.

My day wise ride bifurcation is :-

1. Day one (6th December 2014) :- Cuttack - Srikakulam - Salur Ghati - Deomali - Kunduli Gurukul Ashram = 561 Km
( Ride Time 5 AM to 6.45 PM )

2. Day two (7th December 2014) :- Kunduli - Semiligula - Jalaput Dam - Duduma Waterfalls- Onukudelli - Kunduli Gurukul Ashram = 192 KM
( Ride Time 7.45 AM to 7 PM )

3. Day Three (8th December 2014) :- Kunduli Gurukul Ashram - Salur Ghati - Srikakulam - Cuttack = 510 KM
( Ride Time 7.25 AM to 6.00 PM )

On day one, I planned to reach Srikakulam by 12 PM covering 348 Km from Cuttack. As in my November 2013 ride to Manipal University,Karnataka , I had reached Srikakulam at 11.45 AM. But this time I reached at 11.30 AM.
I started at 5 AM from Cuttack. Winter was in peak, and making bike ride difficult. But my experience of Ladakh helped me.

I saw sun rise after crossing Khordha



At around 7.45 AM , I reached Keshpur,Ganjam. And decided to eat breakfast here.


Steam Idli was my breakfast


Here and in other places, breakfast is served on a plate after placing polythene on it, so that plates can be washed easily.


I crossed Berhampur and then entered Andhra Pradesh.
I crossed Srikakulam at 11.30 AM, took right turn from Chilakapalem towards Razam. I continued my ride and at around 1.00 PM I crossed Razam.


Razam to Ramabhadrapuram is sugarcane belt.
I reached Ramabhadrapuram at 1.25 AM and had delicious south Indian lunch here


Tempting food


After crossing Ramabhadrapuram, I was riding towards Salur Ghati. I could see small and big mountains on the way.


Straight roads were becoming curviest roads


At around 2.30 PM , I was riding the ascend of Salur Ghati


Those riders who has rode on curviest roads of mountains can know the joy of riding there


Some great views from Salur Ghati


My Pulsar posing at Salur Ghati


NEXT = Crossing Salur Ghati and reaching Kundili
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Wow..another solo adventure from Sajal Sir! There seems a lot similarity between Sajal Sir and our dear Sanuroxz bro. Both prefer travelling SOLO. Nice start with lovely teasers.OK, waiting for updates.


Still Learning ©
Wow maza agaya photos dekh ke...
and subah subah idli sambhar + majedar thali ki photo... ;) bhookh lag aayi.
I posted this update at 1 AM in night. After looking at idli picture....mere muh main bhi pani aa gaya tha :popcorn:

lovely pictures....and finally you are doing some good editing...aasar dhire dhire ho raha hai :)
Thanks Ashesh......will have to learn more from you

Sir Kya he toh gajab coverage hain...
Mazza aagaya .. lovely shots..
Thanks Gaurav Dutt ji...

Wow..another solo adventure from Sajal Sir! There seems a lot similarity between Sajal Sir and our dear Sanuroxz bro. Both prefer travelling SOLO. Nice start with lovely teasers.OK, waiting for updates.
Thanks manucares ji...... I don't always prefer travelling Solo, but the situation makes it happen. In my last Ladakh ride, originally there were six persons joining me, but finally I was left alone. In this trip also two rider were supposed to go, but ultimately again I had to ride Solo. :)