Deomali <-- Highest Peak of Odisha & Duduma <-- Three Big Waterfalls at one place


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Duduma - The Big Triple Waterfalls - Day 2 Part I

Date: 7 th December, 2014

After my last night's experience of cold, I decided I will ride back to Cuttack at around 7.30 AM. I woke up at 6.30 AM , although all ashram woke up at 4 AM. Came out to check my bike and put chain oil. I decided not to take bath, as I was feeling cold.

Took some pictures of Sun Rise around Gurukul Ashram.


My bike and the room where I spent night.


The long view of the Ashram. That is the kitchen.


That round open house is the learning area for children


Main Guru of the Ashram came to meet me and to know about me. I gained some knowledge from him about the area around. I told him about last night's cold problem. He advised me to take bath now in open area near water storage tank. He assured me that I will not feel cold after that. He said all small children do same way.

He also told me to meet the retired Guru there. He had spend 10 years at Onukudelli, near Duduma Waterfall. This Guru told me about his experience with Bondas tribal. Told me to go there and experience the waterfall. My room partner Dilip was also impressed with the description about Duduma waterfall. He told me that he will not go to sell the clothes/saris today but he wants to visit this place with me on motorcycle. He also requested me to postpone my decision of going back to Cuttack. After discussion the matter with my wife Bina over phone, I decided to go by my original plan only and was ready to visit Duduma Waterfall with Dilip on bike.

I took bath in open area near water storage tank. I felt that water was warm than the atmosphere. I could easily bath in that cold water. Me and Dilip were ready to leave for Duduma Waterfall. I had to fill petrol, so we decided to ride via Semiliguda. We also had breakfast there.

Took this picture at the main gate of Ashram


A picture of myself with Gurukul Ashram for remembrance


That is Dilip. We took some snacks and water with us. I did not take my main bag and tripod as Dilip was there to click picture of me. All the pictures of mine for today were clicked by Dilip only.


We had Idli, Bhuguni & Chatni as breakfast at Semiliguda. Filled up petrol tank. Moved towards left road which goes to Bheja Railway Station and Gayalput. Took this picture at around 8.40 AM


At around 10.05 AM we were riding near Jalaput reservoir.
It was very scenic.


Small mountains on Jalaput reservoir were looking scenic.


At around 10.25 AM we were at Jalaput Dam.


This water of Jalaput Dam Reservoir travels to became machhakunda river and then Duduma Waterfalls.


Picture of mine with Jalaput Dam


Out of 8 Gates of this Dam only one was open and so much water was flowing down. Imagine the situation during rainy season.


Close look of Jalaput Dam with one open gate


This is the starting point of machhakunda river. Dilip Clicked my picture here.


People live at those islands and they come by small boats to Khinimung and Jalaput village.


Reached other side of the dam.


see the color of water. This is not rainy season, but soil erosion.


A picture after crossing Jalaput Dam reservoir. I was standing at the border between Odisha & Andhra.


After riding for around 300 meters we saw another Dam. This was in Andhra side. The construction of this tells that it must be used for hydro electricity. This was also called Jalapur Dam.


Now we were in Andhra. Roads were damaged with path holes. After riding for around 18-19 Km we reached at Onukudelli Dam at around 11.50 AM


This Dam is boarder for Andhra Odisha. Crossing this will take us back to Odisha again.
This Onukudelli Dam is controlling water of machhkunda river.


Picture of myself at Onukudelli Dam on Machhkunda River


View of another side of this dam


Machhkunda River as seen from Onukudelli Dam. 1.5 KM Ahead it fall down at Duduma Waterfalls.


Two outlets from Onukudelli Dam on Machhkunda River - right side water goes to generate hydro electricity.


More water released for hydro electricity generation.


My bike with still water on other side of Onukudelli Dam on Machhkunda River


Very less water is released on left side. But then also the waterfall looked great even with this less water.


Posing on Onukudelli Dam on Andhra Odisha Border


This water will move in canal to hydro electricity plant, but by under ground way.


This under ground water movement is explained in this Google maps image.
This also shows three waterfalls called Duduma.

Areal View of Duduma.jpg

After riding ahead we saw this info board


I was very happy to see this. Just then I received a phone call from a friend of mine who joined army recently and was posted in Ladakh region of Jammu Kashmir. He informed me that he was calling from Siachen base camp. It was a double joy for me. Chatted with him and we exchanged our adventurous experiences.

The left side cemented road ended and there was a cemented parking place. I saw this info board showing DUDUMA WATERFALL. This was my first view of this great waterfall.


My bike posing at Duduma


Dilip took this picture for remembrance


Moving ahead we saw this big gurgling waterfall.There was also great view of valley.
This was waterfall no 1.


This was waterfall no 2.


But we could not see waterfall no 3. This third one is created by machhakunda river. We inquired there with locals, they said to see that one, we have to go down by 800+ steps. Time was 12.45 PM and there was no facility for lunch there. Some snacks were with us and we purchased some more there. Filled up two water bottles and decided to skip lunch and go down for a different view of this great Duduma Waterfall.

NEXT= Full view of gurgling Duduma waterfall
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Super excellent pictures and easy write up Sajal da. Very informative.

one thing I wanted to know....if one stay at Koraput City, where many Hotels are available is that an easy option for Deomali trip?like a full day excursion to Deomali Top from Koraput and back to koraput after Sunset viewing?


PM me your mobile number.


Still Learning ©
Wonderful Sajal Sir.
Thanks SVP ji..

Super excellent pictures and easy write up Sajal da. Very informative.

one thing I wanted to know....if one stay at Koraput City, where many Hotels are available is that an easy option for Deomali trip?like a full day excursion to Deomali Top from Koraput and back to koraput after Sunset viewing?


PM me your mobile number.
Thanks Bhaski9836 ji..... Deomali is 61 KM from Koraput. So you can easily have one day trip. more details at

Deomali | Koraput Tourism

& the route map will be

Route for Koraput to Deomali Top

But I would suggest you to stay at Sunabeda or Similiguda. There are many option here. It will be only 41 Km from Deomali.

Best of Luck to you.


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Duduma - The Big Triple Waterfalls - Day 2 Part II

"Full view of gurgling Duduma waterfall " - for getting this we had to go down stairs for around 800 steps and further down via big stones. But before that I want to share some pictures taken from Top.

Some view from Top


This one with slow shutter speed


View from another place of top view point


It was a different prospective view from here


View of Duduma Waterfall from the gap between two big stones along with all the mountains there


I asked Dilip to take some pictures of mine on that big stones with view of Duduma in the stone's gap




Going further on left side of those big stones, I got this view. There were many people below.
Can you see them ?


Now you can see all of them....Can you ?


Now looking at those people we decided to skip lunch and go down stairs. I removed my thermals, jacket etc and gave to one shop owner lady and asked her to take care of them along with bike helmet. We also purchased some snacks from her. Filled up two bottles of water and started going down stairs.


I had learned from that senior Guruji at Ashram that these stair cases were built by a contractor as a service to visitors. He did not charge anything from Government or anybody. God bless him.


Some visitors were climbing up and they asked us for some water. We gave them one bottle to drink. But we were thinking that what we will drink and who will give us water while we come back. But they drank only half and gave us half back. Now we had one and half bottle water left.

Going down further, I could get better view of waterfall no 2.
We could see four people taking bath on that waterfall. Can you find them in this picture ?


Now you can surely see them :D


Now you can have an idea how big these waterfalls were !


A better and wide view


It took me around 35 minutes to go down. And then we had reached the bottom of that mountain.
We could see all the three waterfalls of Duduma from there.
I was amazed by the gurgling stream of Duduma Waterfalls.


The Big One


The third one was not visible from top, but from here I could see the third one also


Third one is formed by the machhkunda river which we saw at Onukudelli Dam


A view of the sliding water of machhkunda river


The sound of falling water was the best part


These 574 feet high glittering waterfalls that has been formed by the Machhkund River. The site of the waterfall abounds in dense deciduous type forests and the beautiful topography made all the more beautiful by the gurgling stream.

Tried a Panoramic photography also


Dilip was also very happy


This looks small but there is big pit there and water is very deep. Last year in September a lady from Andhra died here. Her body was recovered after 2 days.


This water falls in such a force that a spray or mist atmosphere is created there. The mountain opposite is fully wet.


Some more pictures of that great waterfall



One can stand here for hours just listening to the sound of falling water


Tough the water was not clear one, lots of soil in it, but looking to it was a treat.


Asked Dilip to take a picture of me with Duduma Waterfall for remembrance


Those who missed the video , here is the link
Video of Duduma Waterfalls- See all the three & feel the sound of water !

We had our "lunch" of biscuits and other snacks we bought. We did not drink much water as we had to conserve it while we climb back.
This is the way to come down here.


View from the place where we had snacks


It was 2.20 PM and we had to visit Onukudelli also. So we started our journey back to top. It was very tiring for me to climb back these steps.


I was taking rest after climbing 30-40 stairs


Somehow we reached at top at around 3.30 PM. It took me 35 minutes to go down, but 70 minutes to climb back.


We started our journey to Onukudelli - The Local Haat , where Bondas tribal come.
An enormous hydro electricity project has been built around the Duduma Waterfalls. we had to see them both.
A view of Duduma Waterfalls Top, while looking back.


A zoom view


This is that underground canal water. Part of which falls down to create Duduma -1. That blue green house on right controls the water flaw to hydro electricity project ahead.


That is the winch trolley ride motor room for Machhkund mini hydro plant .


This winch trolley lead right down to the bottom where the turbines are located


There are also stairs to go down


During day time one can go down with this winch trolley at 6 AM , 8 AM and at 11 AM. They charge Rs.10 and you have to go with workers of hydro plant when they go down. As we reached there at 4 PM, we could not use that. There was not much time to use stairs also.


Took this picture of Machhkunda river, which flaws along scenic mountains


Our next target was Onukudelli Market and THE BONDAS Tribals.


It was 4.20 PM and the Onukudelli market was nearly empty.


Although I knew that Bondas Tribals come here only on Thursdays , I inquired with local people about them


We also roamed around for some time


These pictures of BONDAS Tribal were taken by our senior Bcmtourian @adc in 2010. Posting here for you to know about Bondas tribe.



Both the picture are not clicked by me. Picture Credit to Sri @adc ji

While come back we took different route. We came across Machhkund Village. This was a moist affected place few years back. We also saw blasted police station there.
We re-filled our water bottle here and took different route to reach back to Kundili Gurukul Ashram.


At 7 PM , We reached at Gurukul Ashram at Kundili Village. We avoided going to Semiligula and we took a right short cut from Dusara Village. After reaching I talked with my wife over phone and informed her about my where about. We had hot rice dalma for dinner. After dinner we both sat inside warm kitchen cooking area for some time. I went to sleep at 9 PM.

What a day it was. I slept thinking about the great Duduma Waterfalls.

I had traveled for 192 Km today. My map for the day was :

Day two.jpg

NEXT=Ride back to Cuttack
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