Deomali <-- Highest Peak of Odisha & Duduma <-- Three Big Waterfalls at one place


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Ride back to Cuttack = Day 3

After visiting these two great places of Odisha, time to go back to home.
I got up at 5.30 AM. Finished my daily routine. Put chain oil in bike.

In this trip, I learned how to live a simple life with least necessity.
This was my bed for two days.


This was my open bath room


I used to take bath from this cold water tank


It was 7.00 AM and I was ready to leave for Cuttack from Gurukul Ashram at Pugar, Kundili.
Time for some pictures there for remembrance



The open learning room for Ashram children


View inside


Agni Homma


20 Swarupa of OOM


Picture with care taker


My picture with my room mate Dilip, with whom I visited Duduma yesterday.


Picture with Main Guruji


It was 7.25 AM and it was time to leave this place.


At 7.40 AM had breakfast of Idli-Bhuguni- Chatni at Kundili. This was the place from where you can go to Deomali.


Some mist in air between Pottangi and Sunki


In the morning time the road and landscapes looked stunning


Road to infinity ?


Then the ascend started at Jeypore-vizianagaram road


Great landscape too


Another zoom view


Saw a local Monday Market (haat) between Podapadar and Sunki.


All nearby villagers come here to sell vegetables and other produce every Monday


All vendor's vegetables were farm fresh here. A little traffic jam of trucks ahead also.


But these type of traffic makes me happy.


At 8.40 AM , I was at Odisha - Andhra Border.


I was now riding on the roads of Salur Ghati. Saw this type of posters everywhere.
I don't know what is meaning of this as it was written in telugu.


Saw this beautiful water stream


A zoom view with a small village near that water stream


Took a small break at Andhra check post after descend of Salur Ghati.


Saw this Church and some important place on small mountain which goes via white stairs


Crossed sugar cane belt between Rambhadrapuram and Razam.
Saw this vendor carrying so many utensils in his TVS Moped. On my Ladakh ride, I used to carry 25 KM luggage with me on the bike. But this is much more than that.


Any Ladakh luggage carrier will feel small in comparison of this


AT 10.40 AM , I was riding between Razam and Chilakapalem. Saw this stone mountain. Stone quarry was cutting it. One day will come when this will not exist ! All tree leaves were getting a white powder coating because of this stone cutting quarry in this area.
I don't know when we humans will stop making permanent damage to nature ?


Time for a coconut water break near Srikakulam. Coconuts water is only Rs.10 here.


At 12.30 PM , I had lunch of Roti - Tadka dal - Pyaj and cold drink at a road side dhaba at Palasa.


At 4.45 PM took a small break after crossing Khordha. Sun was setting behind.


As per plan I reached home at 5.55 PM.


Total ride for the day = 510 KM. Ride map for the day :

Third Day.jpg

Total Expenses:-
Petrol Rs. 2200 + All others Rs.900 = Total Rs.3100 for total 3 days 2 nights.

I hope you all will like and enjoy this travelogue of mine at a different place of Odisha.

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"Deomali - Highest Peak Point of Odisha and Duduma Waterfalls - three big waterfalls at one place of Odisha"

After riding at Khardung La, Marsimik La and some other highest roads and passes of the World, I wanted to explore Odisha.
I am 48 years old and I ride Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. I am stock sub- broker by profession since last 25 years based at Cuttack, Odisha.

My last travelogue at BCMTouring was for my solo ride to Ladakh and Zanskar for 18 days ==>

The "Likes" and appreciation by all Bcmtourians encouraged me to write this second travelogue at BCMTouring, friendliest India travel community

Posing at Deomali - Highest Peak Point of Odisha
View attachment 579062

Beautiful Deomali Top Road
View attachment 579077

Mesmerizing View from Deomali Top
View attachment 579072

SunSet as seen from Deomali - Highest Place of Odisha
View attachment 579063

Duduma Waterfalls -First one
View attachment 579064

Duduma Waterfalls - Other two
View attachment 579065

My Plan to Ride at was 520 KM from Cuttack.
View attachment 579041

Finally, On 6 th December 2014, I rode to Deomali - The Highest Peak of Odisha . It is 5485 feet above sea level.

On Day one, I rode 561 KM , starting from Cuttack - Khordha- Berhampur - Palasha - Srikakulam - Razar- Salur Ghati - Pottangi - Kundili - Deomali Top . I saw Sunrise near Khordha that day and saw Sunset on Deomali Top.

I was dreaming to ride to Deomali ,after coming back from Marsimik La, Highest motorable PASS of the World. But I saw a picture of Deomali at a stall of Odisha Tourism in Baliyatra on 13 November, and finally decided and planned to ride at Deomali- Highest peak of Odisha .

Saw this banner at Odisha Tourism Counter at Balijatra==> DEOMALI.....^highest place of Odisha on 13th November. I told myself that I will ride here soon....
View attachment 579142

On day one I started at 5.00 AM from Cuttack and reached Deomali Top at 5.00 PM .

I also tried HDR photography on this trip.

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5. Mesmerizing sun set from Deomali = Day 1 Part IV
6. Duduma - The Big Triple Waterfalls =Day 2 Part I
7. Full view of gurgling Duduma waterfalls = Day 2 Part II
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Great posting, inspite of being from Odisha, never had the opportunity to discover Odisha's hinterlands. Please keep up.
I would love to discover some of these places on my next rip. Thanks.


Still Learning ©
Great posting, inspite of being from Odisha, never had the opportunity to discover Odisha's hinterlands. Please keep up.
I would love to discover some of these places on my next rip. Thanks.
Thanks Arcayp ji.... Jebe Utheela Sebe Sakaala......Bhai start your Odisha Discovery now. I am doing same lately.
Best of Luck to You !

Great work again :grin:..
Thanks Pankaj Bhai

Amazing coverage Sajal bhai... loved every bit of it... :)
Thanks Ankur003 ji

Great travel story...awesome. Good Luck Sajal ji.
Thanks manucares ji