Desert cooler with ducts to cool entire home


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Well i have placed cooler on Open Terrace. The air duct is blowing is cold but not that cold kind of ok ok.. I use to close door earlier but now i leave it bit open as closing door create unbearable humidity inside room.


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All split AC will have this?
What is the purpose?
Window AC is a single unit.

When AC is splitted in 2 parts, it is called Split AC.

AC has a cooling coil which cools your room with AC with this part fitted in your room.

Condenser is another part to take out heat from gas circulating in a AC. This heat is more than usual 60-70°C. Heat is spread with Aluminium Fins. If it is most hot part that needs to be cooled properly. If this thing fails, a blast can happen. That you see on TV news as AC blasted recently at various places and fire spread.
This part is placed outside a home/ building. This also has a fan to throw heat out. Best practice is to put shade on this unit to prevent it from blast. Do not keep in open sun.

Both external and internal units are connected by long pipes and wires as both need power too.
You can see same arrangement in your car. Condenser is fitted into front of car to cool and throw heat out. While your cooling coil is fitted into dashboard.

This split unit gives extra cooling in room with more efficiency.
As in case of a window AC heat is generated in same 2ft square body and can effect cooling coil's efficiency.

When I also saw this thing first time, I was also puzzled many years ago. Some fit external unit in upper side of external wall / roof, some on boundary wall of a building.
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Since yesterday the RH in Delhi has gone up, I believe due to the cyclone near Andhra/Orissa.
.... I expect that dry heat conditions will return to Delhi for at least another two weeks.
Alas, the dry heat days did not materialize! Have been using ACs since 21st May.
The cooler worked this year from 23rd March (that's when we felt the need for it) to 20th May. That is just under two months, which is about average for Delhi.