Desert Cruise : Safari to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer (verse)


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Aboriginally tinged in remarkable blues
The city now blends with contemporary hues
The fort exemplifies epic chronicles
Palace epitome of voguish architectures

(MehranGarh Fort)
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(Umaid Bhawan Palace)

Regional flavours so palatable and luscious
Spices and Sweets proffered in abundance

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Not far ahead lies the desert territory
Camouflaging narratives in its periphery
Lakes and Sunsets so visually quaint
Vivid graphics for lens man’s enchant

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Thar, tranquil and distinguishably scenic
Glistens in gold, appears mesmeric
Ship of desert offers the ride much bumpy
Lively voyage on dunes such humpy


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DSC02306.JPG DSC02365.JPG

The dilapidated village uninhabited since years
Paranormal powers, the misguided rumours

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(Kuldhara Village)

The elevated fort extremely grandeur
Sight from the top, inevitable to remember

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The land predominantly barren
Oasis, unearthed as safe haven

DSC02261.JPG DSC02258.JPG
Arts and Craft offer cultural spectacle
Shoppers attain a treat irresistible
Food again immensely delectable
Your return to the borough irrefutable….

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Lovely start...
why not putting bigger images
Thanks for the encouragement..
I intially posted images in the full view mode.. But they were somehow taking away the essence of my verses.. So I thought one could always click on the pictures for bigger view :)