Destination Kasol - 710km round trip.

Neeraj Gulia

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Got the Riding KEEDA: I joined BikerZone_CHD group in Infosys Chandigarh at the end of March this year. Since then I desperately wanted to go for a long ride. But the problem was I had no experience for hill driving. To get the confidence I grabbed the opportunity to attend first ever official ride of the BikerZone_CHD group to Chail. This small ride gave me enough confidence and I learned a lot from my fellow riders: Prashant and Archit.
Soon I got another opportunity of a small ride with Vaibhav (KurtRules) and Prashant with two other senior riders. There I learned the art to tilt the bike at corners and to get better control over bike in uphill and downhill. A small accident provided ample experience to me too :D

Idea for Kasol: I asked Vaibhav for a two days ride destination and he suggested Rohru and Kasol. After doing some googling about Kasol I made up my mind to go for it. Now the problem was to get a companion (as I was reluctant to go for a solo ride). I planned to go on 21st of May and on 19th I got a mail from Satish that he is also willing to go for the ride. Two more friends got ready but due to crunch period in their project they could not make it up.

Plan changed at 12:30 am: On Thursday 20th May we finalized the plan and decided to go on Friday noon via NH 21 to Kasol. That way we could complete our 3.5 hours in office to get a full day attendance. On Thursday at 11:30pm I got a call from an unknown number, the guy asked me about my Kasol trip and said that he is also willing to go there as his plan to go home got cancelled. The guy was Ranjeet (The Royal). I said that we might leave around 12 in the noon but he was not ready for it as he got Friday’s leave already. He said that he might leave at 6 in the morning and at evening we will meet at Kasol.
At 12:15 am he again gave a call to me and said that after discussion with Vaibhav he has slightly changed his plan and now he will reach Kasol via Shimla, Narkanda, Ani, Karsog, Jallori pass, Sainj, Aut, Bhunter. His plan sound pretty interesting to me and soon me and Satish got ready to bunk the office for Friday. So the final plan that we made was to leave for Shimla at 5am on Friday.
Day 1: 280km Chandigarh->Kandaghat->Shimla->Narkanda->Ani->Lallori Paas->Jibhi

Day 2:
120km Jibhi->Banjar->Aut->Bhunter->Kasol

Day 3:
310km Kasol->Manikaran->Tosh->Kasol->Bhunter->Aut->Mandi->Sundarnagar ->Bilaspur-> Kiratpur Sahib-> Ropar-> Chandigarh
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great Gulia bring it on :) as it is Vaibhav is a big inspiration for us to take different routes for normal places