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This is really a very daring trip.Praveen you are the real roadies.Although i m very new to this forum but guys trust me, you ppl rock. Hope to go for such trip very soon.

@Praful: Thanks man. Actually the boxes are very crude made of galvanized sheets. cost me 700 for a pair. Then half cm think cushion inside and rexine outside to reduce the box vibrations. thats another 600 bux and 1500 for getting the locks done with modifications. 1500 and couple of hundred for fixing. so its like 3.2k will remove them after the trip.

@pulsurge: Yeah man it was quite a site to see miles ahead.

@dwarka: I am taking it real easy. It was like 3k for 12 days so around 250 per day. And avg speeds are around 50kmph. Mostly riding at 90 -110 kmph with accational bursts. Guess there is no point hurrying here. Actually this is my first multi day solo trip. First that i actually went alone got a room! Its been a nice experiance. Even riding lazily i hardly find time to watch a movie in the laptop. Day is done by the time i do the updating.

Thanks Pulserider :)

@Devil DJ: Thanks man. Have give the links to detailed log of each day in the first post.


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Re: Day 20 - Kolkata to Siliguri

Your entry 29/3/09,ie two yrs from now.
It is 01am now.Reading yr experience is like reading Arthur Hailey/Irwinvallace/Ludlum of yester years.Simply fantastic.couldnt switch of the system inspite of screams from my wife.
Places which i have heard & longed to see,but couldnt,i am seeing thro you like Sanjaya in Mahabharata to Dirudirashtra.
Keep going.Splendid & you are rocking in present day slang.


Hats off Praveen, what a ride, and v can call you solo night rider :), keep up the work and keep riding and explore the unexplored. :rolleyes:


A lot of confidence and courage is required to do such trip. it is really a encouragement for others who want to do such trip. Keep motoring...