Devalgarh: Long forgotten capital of Garhwal Kingdom


Happy being a nomad.
We spent almost an hour at the Café before driving ahead. Roads were good, weather was a bit misty with light drizzles at places. We drove slowly enjoying the roads and weather. We were not in any hurry to reach Khirsu.

Satpuli town looked beautiful from high ground. The greenery and villages besides the road looked beautiful. The scenery turned even more beautiful after we took the turn for Khirsu from the Pauri road. After covering 15 kms on the mesmerizing road, we reached Khirsu around 3.30 pm where we went straight to GMVN Tourist Rest House and got ourselves a cottage. We preferred cottage over the rooms as the building is very old as compared to the cottages which are in better condition. After settling down, we order some refreshments and rested for a while thereafter.

a misty village
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Satpuli town
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a lovely crossing
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A beautiful village enroute
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i like these small village temples
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on roads towards Khirsu after leaving the Pauri road
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About Khirsu
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GMVN Tourist Rest House, Khirsu
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our cottage
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nashta was ready
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So envious. Enjoying every moment.


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Gone through the entire log in a single go, thoroughly enjoyed. Liked the way you showcase various foods in your logs. Amazing!
Now searching for your Ladakh logs, including the one with Shyam and team, will go through those once again.