Difference in Scorpio SLE vs VLX

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Need help from fellow BCMTians to understand if the difference in Scorpio VLX 4X2 over SLE are worth the premium to be paid? I mean, for someone like me, who will mostly use the car in city while hitting the highway once maybe 2 months or so, and the "on road" price difference is about 1.4 lacs in Gurgaon (non airbag) and Rs. 1.6 lakhs (Airbag), is the extra stuff actually worth spending the money on?

For example, the differences are in Alloy wheels, music system, rear wiper. All the critical elements are present in both the versions


P.S. Would it also make sense to wait out another couple months, and look at the 2014 Scorpio? any feelers for that? Also is Scorpio the right decision at this price point/ features/ performance etc, or someone can recommend alternatives?
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Vlx gets more features like Airbags, TPMS, Cruise Control, Steering Mounted Audio controls, Alloy Wheels, Audio Player, rain sensing wipers, Micro hybrid technology and some cosmetics.

Sle IMHO is practical buy because it comes with ABS and most of the features we get on Vlx dont make sense in day to day driving.

The new 2014 Scorpio is rumored to have 140Bhp tune, with refreshed interiors, latest chassis, better suspension tune offering ride comfort and handling over the existing. If you are not in hurry then its better to wait for till next year.


Apart from Airbags,VLX does not really offer much in terms of features.
SLE is a much better purchase than the VLX.
Ya I understand only "essential" missing element is the music system, which can be installed from outside for, let's say max 25K (incl all juggernaut). whatsay?