Digital Cameras can't compete with Mobile Phones!


Smartphone killed lots of media related gadgets for good thing. Compact camera are useless now.
DSLR is also affected, family/Casual shooters are not preferring DSLR anymore, Entry level camera with kit lens. Adding to it, smartphone are constantly lying to customer with Megapixel bullshit. No smartphone can match with 15 year old Nikon D200 with 10MP.

Reason over any smartphone are huge sensor, color depth and lens quality. No matter the YouTuber tell you how good the smartphone digital bokeh , AI are great, it can't match the natural bokeh from lens. Color depth of smartphones still way behind from DSLR, specially in low light. .

I use phone camera even though I have DSLR, because of portability and moment. But the few pictures from DSLR are always favorite.

In don't think I can ditch DSLR for tini-tiny mobile sensor
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