Discounts -- Cards, Coupons, Schemes, Offers, etc.


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I was looking for a thread for knowing the discounts which one can actually avail, and take some benefit.

Although there are "no free lunches", as we know; but then there are several "discounted lunches" atleast! :)

I request members to also put in their personal experiences with the discounts availed through some offer, scheme, card, or else.

I am getting regular rewards/discounts from several cards, etc. as below:

1) HDFC VISA Credit Card (Signature/Infinite)
Free Complimentary Movie Screenings with snacks and refreshements, on the first weekend after the release of a movie! But it is available very rarely... for details check:
Visa Infinite & Signature Cards Book movie,sports,theatre&concert tickets - Bookmyshow

2) Exclusif Membership Card of TGIP (The Great India Place, Noida)
This card (costs :r:1,000 per car) allows one to have a free exclusive reserved parking for one year at TGIP's ground floor! It also allows one to get nice discounts on many establishments in TGIP.

3) Pantaloon Membership Card
This card is valid for all Pantaloon Stores across India. And with it, we have already managed to get some handsome deals over a period of 3-4 years. As the time passes, one climbs the ladder of their hierarchy for membership, hence higher rate of discounts!

4) HDFC VISA (Platinum & above) Credit Cards
These cards allow one to book movie tickets at at very exciting discounts. We are buying under "Buy-1-Get-1-Free" for weekend morning show (prior to 12Noon) for last many months, and have managed to get rear seats in moviehalls priced at about :r:50 per ticket!!


Full Use Else Lose
Thanks Doc Sunil and Bharat Bhai! :)

@Shubu: Thanks for your input, but we know about these websites.
It'd be better if you can share a thing for which you have availed the discount/benefit.

One of my friend had earlier bagged a deal with snapdeal but later (luckily before making the payment) they refused to stick to the promises made. Hence, the deal was snapped! :p


oops.. missed out.. :p

Here is a personal experience.. this weekend - 20% discount on ICICI bank credit card


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200 Rs for a full body ayurvedic massage at Gurgaon, which is 1800 Rs on regular price, hoz that :p;)
I'd love to get de-stressed. Bharat bhai, share the magical secret too.

Well I'd love it further, if you can sponsor the same for me, atleast once. :p