District Kullu: sep 2017 (jalori, tirthan, parvati, naggar, shangarh)

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i ain't a good writer so , i wish to showcase my journey through my photographs and also provide whatever first hand info i can ....
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Day 1/ 26th sep : kolkata to delhi. 7.10 am flight to chandigarh via delhi. chandigarh to kufri by car
Day 2/ 27th sep : kufri to sojha (via jalori pass)
Day 3/ 28th sep : sojha to serolsar lake hike to sojha to chehni kothi to gushaini.
Day 4/ 29th sep : gushaini
Day 5/ 30th sep : gushaini to shangarh to kasol
Day 6/ 01st oct : kasol to tosh to kasol
Day 7/ 02nd oct : kasol to naggar
Day 8/ 03rd oct : naggar to jana to naggar
Day 9/ 04th oct : naggar to kalka
Day 10/ 05th oct : kalka to delhi train. delhi kolkata flight ( 10.45 pm)

last 2 durga puja trips were to barren landscape regions. so this time i decided for a visual change. and what better choice could it have been than the less touristy n relatively lesser known n visited places in the kullu district. this was a relatively easier trip. no chilly temperature consideration. no high altitude consideration. the planning was smooth. no hiccups.
will give the logistic details as i go along.

vehicle for the trip (innova) was booked through vinkal ji. he could not come for the trip as he had some function at his place. but the car was the same car in which i did kinnaur n spiti previously. he sent satpal for the tour . though the experience wasn't as satisfying as it is with vinkal, we did not face any problems, though satpal talks a little too much :D

Rs. 30k for 9 days.

contact : VINKAL : +919459262520 +919805473522 [email protected] SATPAL : +919805137168
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it was very early in the morning (4 am) when we left home for the 7.10 am vistara flight to delhi. reached by 5 am. flight to delhi was on schedule. arrived at 9.30 am. by 10.50 am we were through the security check for the next vistara flight to chandigarh scheduled at 1.45pm from delhi. went to the gate where our flight was scheduled and fortunately found 2 empty reclining chairs. had sandwich and lazed on the chairs for 2 hours.

excited about the trip at 5.30 am.

kolkata airport

effects of the 3 am wake up call

lazing on the reclining chair at the delhi airport.

flight to chandigarh was also on time and we arrived chandigarh at 2.40 pm. met my mom n dad, who came to chandigarh by trian from kanpur in the morning, at the chandigarh airport. by 3.30 pm we were on our way to kufri, destination for today.
it was a pretty uneventful drive. though i felt sad about the destruction caused by the four lane-ing of the road. the newly created lanes were anyway unusable due to mountain sliding and rock falling.
had some parathas and chai at 5.30 pm. we reached at our stay in kufri at 8.15 pm. got a warm welcome from rohit , the owner of the hotel kufri holiday inn. was nice to see him again.
we freshened up and had a lovely tasty dinner. chicken curry. alu gobhi. daal. rice n roti. was off to sleep by 10.30pm.

stay at - Hotel Kufri Holiday Inn Hotel Kufri Holiday Inn (Shimla, Himachal Pradesh) - Hotel Reviews, Photos, Rate Comparison - TripAdvisor https://www.facebook.com/Hotel-Kufri-Holiday-Inn-402197256494981/ contact : +918872101111
[email protected]
1400 for dbl bedroom. 8/10
dinner & breakfast at hotel. 9/10. total food bill rs. 1200 for 4

few pics of the room



end of day 1

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DAY 2/ 27th SEPTEMBER 2017 : KUFRI to SOJHA (via JALORI PASS) 145kms

we were ready by 8am. ordered our breakfast. alu paratha and curd. omelette and toast. food was tasty... we were ready and running by 9.30 am.

some early morning shots from the window of the hotel room.





breakfast time.

the drive till luhri was on the same road i traveled before while visiting kinnaur and spiti. but after luhri i got excited to be travelling on a new road, to a new region, and in a new cozy valley. the roads till jalori pass were in good shape barring a few kms after luhri, and few small patches n stretches. i loved the tiny villages with beautiful structures.

some pics from luhri to jalori pass, clicked from the running car.






day 2 continues.... right below
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DAY 2/ 27th SEPTEMBER 2017 : KUFRI to SOJHA (via JALORI PASS) 145kms CONTINUED.......

reached jalori pass at about 3pm. i had a rough plan to do the raghupur garh hike if i arrived by 2.30pm. i would have done it anyway even after reaching at 3pm. but the problem was it was very cloudy n overcast when we arrived at jalori. so even if i went up there i might not see the the grand views. also being cloudy it would get dark pretty early. so i dropped the plan. had lunch at an empty and deserted jalori. rajma , kadi, and rice. all for Rs. 60 per head. my dad though had omelette and tea at a different shop. the view from the verandah of the other shop was really nice.
no washrooms/toilets at jalori.

piping hot food at the jalori dhaba

deserted jalori

outside the dhaba we had lunch

dhaba where my dad had omelette

view from the verandah where my dad had omelette n chai

by the time we left jalori it was 4pm. it was only 5kms to shoja , our halt for the night. 2kms from jalori there was some road work going on. we were stuck there for 15-20 mins. we were in shoja at 4.30 pm ish. it was easy to find SATYAM HOMESTAY (more about the place later). we quickly freshened up, n after having tea we went out for a stroll in the village.

road work going on

tea at the stayam homestay before we went for a stroll

view from satyam homestay

stroll around the village










after the stroll we came back to the homestay and sat in the open in front of the kitchen area. we had delicious samosas with tea. we sat there till 7ish. went up in the room. after another round of chit chat, dinner was served at 9pm. paneer bhurji. mix veg. daal. rice. roti, papad. salad. really tasty home made food.





we were in bed by 10.30pm. excited about tomorrow's hike to serolsar lake.

end of day 2

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