District Kullu: sep 2017 (jalori, tirthan, parvati, naggar, shangarh)


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wow !!!!!!! it seems u guys are als a c
DAY 8/ 3rd OCTOBER 2017 : NAGGAR (JANA FALLS : 30 kms both ways) CONTINUE.....

came back to the guets house and took a quick shower and left for jana wateralls by 10.45 am. my parents were already ready by then.

leaving the guest house
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it took us hardly 40 mins to reach the jana waterfalls. it was still empty with hardly any tourists around. we were told to go to the upper tier of the waterfall. took us just 10 mins to reach their. but the people at the dhabas discouraged my parents to go. so they stayed back, rather disappointedly. spent close to 30 mins at the cosy waterfall with no one to disturb.

at the waterfall's upper tier
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as we were about to descend to my surprise, i heard my parents coming up towards the waterfall.... they took their time but eventually came up. :)

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we went to the dhaba by 12.30 pm. no one was real hungry, but we had to try the famous local cuisine thali. so we ordered one thali. Rs. 150 per thali. 9/10. its a must experience.

the dhaba
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the food : Siddu (momo look alike), makke ki roti, sarso da saag, kheer, mirch ki chutni, ghee, red rice (much like brown rice), brown sugar, rajma, kadi, achaar
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the hog
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the setting
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by the time we finished our lunch the place became too crowded. we walked a little ahead from this main dhaba only to find another dhaba at another waterfall 5 mins away, with no one. we spent quite a bit of time relaxing there. with some chai.

the kid at the mani ram dhaba.
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the second dhaba setting
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by the time we left jana it was 2pm.

day 8 to be continued....
Wow !!!!! it seems u guys are also a complete foodie like most of us :) Cheers

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DAY 8/ 3rd OCTOBER 2017 : NAGGAR (JANA FALLS : 30 kms both ways) CONTINUE.....

after we left jana waterfalls at 2 pm for naggar we stopped at a small chai shop somewhere in between for some tea and bread omelette. Rs. 40. 7/10

the place


waiting for the food


finally the chai,chips and omelette

the board

after the light snack, we left the place at about 3pm and by 3.45pm we were in naggar. we spent some time infront of the art gallery where we had momos and tea again till sunset.

in naggar


by 5.30 pm we were on our way back to the guest house after we picked some cash from the ATM. at the guest house we had not much to do, so decided to play some TT at the common room.

the common room


me and wife decided to have dinner at the pizzeria , while parents didnt want to venture out at night, so they had dinner at the guest house itself.

waiting for food at pizzeria



trout fry



the menu on the wall

after an amazing dinner at pizzeria we left the place by 9.30pm. Rs.640 for 2. 9/10
had a nice chit chat about the trip till about 11pm. tomorrow will be a long drive from naggar to kalka.

end of day 8\

day 9 & 10 here....
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:(:(:(:(DAY 9/ 4th OCTOBER 2017 : NAGGAR to KALKA (265kms)

well not much to write about day 9. it was a long and boring day/drive from naggar to kalka. started at 10 am. reached at 8pm. with a tyre puncture and repair and new ones bought near mandi. the road from swarghat to nalagarh was pathetic...](*,)](*,)](*,)

pics and info about the ALLIANCE GUEST HOUSE in naggar.

what can i say about this amazing place. its so nice and homely and spread out. the food is amazing. the rooms feel like home rooms with every detail taken care of, from hair dryer to electric kettle to small little notebooks and pens. the washroom was great. very clean and aesthetic with 4 towels for a room for 4. now that was a first. food timings are fixed. and you have to have your dinner served by 8pm. 9.5 /10 for stay. we chose a duplex family room. Rs.1800 per night. 10/10 for food. dinner for 4 + bf for 4 + dinner for 2 + bf for 4. Rs 1655

http://www.alliancenaggar.com/english/accueil_eng.htm https://www.facebook.com/allianceguesthousenaggar/ https://www.tripadvisor.in/Hotel_Review-g1069703-d2096659-Reviews-Alliance_Guesthouse-Naggar_Manali_Tehsil_Kullu_District_Himachal_Pradesh.html















we had lunch at a veg place caller HOTEL RAJA RESTAURANT, after sundernagar, near jarol , on the highway. Rs. 545 for 4. 8/10

had tea at a desolate dhaba after swarghat.

by the time we reached kalka at 8pm we were very exhausted , mainly due to the horrible dusty and broken roads from swarghat to nalagharh.
had dinner at the railway station canteen. and waited in the ac waiting room (Rs. 20 for 2 hrs per head) till the kalka mail arrived.
end of day 9

DAY 10 was all about transfers, from delhi station to delhi airport. from delhi to kolkata. from kolkata airport to home. :(

end of trip .....:(:(:(:(:(:(
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