District Kullu: sep 2017 (jalori, tirthan, parvati, naggar, shangarh)


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Wow once again you are in one of the most beautiful place... I love this whole area, and you have clicked some amazing shots. Keep it up brother

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DAY4/ 29th SEPTEMBER 2017 : GUSHAINI (chhoie falls & tirthan river)

today was a relaxed day. i could i have easily done the hike to the GNHP gate , but decided against it as i did not want my parents to stay at the homestay n wanted to involve them into some activity as well.
woke up at the 7 in the morning. there was some confusion with the hot water as there was no electricity and the sun wasnt hitting the solar geyser before 8. left the homestay at 9 am and decided to have the breakfast in the main bazaar after crossing the bridge in gushaini. after a little search we found a humble place to eat. alu parathas, dahi and omelette with tea is what we had. Rs 400 7/10.

morning walk outside the homestay

tirth view homestay




waiting for parathas at gushaini bazaar

the parathas were real heavy n real filling. after a VERY heavy breakfast, i started looking for the way to GAIDHAR waterfall. but no one seemed to know about it. i even stopped at the khem bharti homestay in nagini for directions. even he was confused. but told me there is a path to a waterfall a little ahead. we went till that point in car and started the hike to the waterfall, though i didnt have a clue about its name. the start was real steep, but my parents wanted to do it, so we made a slow progress. my wife went ahead faster following another group of youngsters.

view of the tirthan valley as we hiked up from the road level







this was the point till which my parents could go. the path ahead looked steep. so i made them sit in shade and walked ahead alone. my wife was already ahead.

day 4 continues here.....
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DAY4/ 29th SEPTEMBER 2017 : GUSHAINI (chhoie falls & tirthan river) CONTINUE ......

after i left my parents i started to walk the steep hike. the steepness did not last long and ended at a place where there were 2 clear paths. by this time i was wondering how far has my wife gone. suddenly i heard her calling me from behind the trees on the left path. she told me she lost the group she was following, and was confused at this junction, so she thought of waiting for me. but it was an easy choice . the path on the right looked more used and had wrappers of chips n chocolates littered. from there the waterfall was some easy 10 mins...

i did not even know the name of the waterfall until i came across this sign board 5 mins before the waterfall

first sight of the waterfall

people enjoying at the waterfall





the departing view

we stayed at the waterfall for some 15 mins. the walk down from the waterfall to the road head took us some 30 mins. my parents were lying on grass where i left them. by the time we got to our car it was 12.50 pm. everyone was still full because of the heavy breakfast. we had some cold drinks to cool off. my mother wanted to go to the river front next. so we decided to explore the riverfront a a little. and then may be have lunch in one of the guest houses or resorts besides the river. we went in the car till the river front.

pics from the beautiful TIRTHAN river front :










after staying at the river front for close to 45 mins we decided to find our lunch. enquired at few resorts along the river about lunch. but they said that the cook only for their guests as they dont have a restaurant. so we decided to have lunch at the same place we had breakfast at about 2 pm. we took one rajma roti plate and one momo. lunch Rs 100 6/10.
by 3 pm we were back at our home stay. the room was bathing is beautiful sunshine. after lazing in the beautiful room for a while i took hot shower. n basically had a relaxed and lazy homely evening. at 9 pm had an excellent dinner. really home stuff. 9/10 for food. by 10 pm i was off to bed.

lazy evening

end of day 4

day 5 starts right below.....
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DAY 5/ 30th SEPTEMBER 2017 : GUSHAINI to SHANGARH to KASOL (140kms)

before i start with day 5 few pics and details about the TIRTH VIEW HOMESTAY in gushaini

loved my stay at the property so much that i would highly recommend this place, even though there was some issue with the geyser (a one off technical issue) n i could not take shower in the evening after i came from a 5 hour hike. nor the following morning. the setting is splendid and lazy, with the sound of the river dominating the senses. its a little away from the main village and in a serene empty location. the rooms are minimal yet aesthetically done , with clean washrooms. loved the food cooked by raj. real ghar ka khana. dipu too took good care of us , but was at times just a little lazy. but the value for money factor is great here. one has to be careful of the insects here as the place is full of plants and trees. only veg food is available here. stay 9/10. Rs 2000 per day for 2 combined rooms for 4 people with 2 washrooms. food 9/10. Rs 120 per head per dinner. so Rs 960 for 4 people for two dinner meals

contact : +919953948750 [email protected]
http://www.tirthview.com/ - https://www.facebook.com/tirthview/ - https://www.tripadvisor.in/Hotel_Review-g3389564-d8099183-Reviews-TirthView_Homestay-Banjar_Kullu_District_Himachal_Pradesh.html









day 5 continues here....
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