Diwali Meet In Rohtak on 3rd November..

Amit Dhull

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Hey Friends,

It has been long time since we met in Haryana. Keeping in tradition of the Diwali Meet in Haryana which was organised in Hisar last year, I purpose Diwali Meet in Rohtak this year.

You are requested to pour in with your suggestions on the following points..

1. Shall this meet be a All Guys Meet like last year or Shall we Include Families as well?

2. Shall this meet be a Day time meet or an Overnight Meet like last year?

I am OK with both as I can manage stay arrangements also..

As and when the type of meet is finalized, I shall come over with the choice of venues..

I would also like to request Admin and Mods to be a part of this meet..

Waiting for your suggestions..


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Would want to join however cannot confirm so early! I would like an overnight meet rather than find someone to drop me back ;)


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may I know the dates of meet ?
as its happening in my city (if everyone agrees to Rohtak)...I would also like to meet you all.


Come as you are!
1) Saturday night, just like last time till sunday morning
2) I am fine with any kind - all boys or with family


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Can't say no to Dhull bhai & my friends in Haryana.

Memories from last meet are still fresh, amazing location, lovely hospitality and great bunch of people to chat. Dhull bhai count me in for sure.