Diwali Meet In Rohtak on 3rd November..

Pareesh Trehan

Pareesh Trehan
Bhupi bhai has opted out due the birthday of his daughter who turns 10 on 3rd.. Bhaisaab, aa jao Janamdin yahan mana lenge..

I hope no other will back out now onwards..

Updated list of Attendees:

1. Amit Dhull
2. Naveen Chhiller.
3. Jack.
4. Vikas Shokeen.
5. Vaibhav Sabharwal.
6. Ankur Shokeen.
7. Surender Deswal.
8. Magicheart(90% sure)
9. RK Bharat.
10. Amit Bhardwaj.
11. Prashant bhardwaj
12. Piyush
13. Apurva
14. Vikas Unzip
15. Sachin Gupta
16. Amit Maagoo.
17. Rajesh Punia.
18. Adventurenorth.
19. Aman Pruthi.
20. Ankur Arora.
21. Devashish.
22. Tilak Soni.
23. Monty.
24. Rahul Singh
25. Masterjee.
26. Pareesh Trehan.
27. Maharaj.
28. Dr. Sunil.
29. Rajan Arora.
30. Abhimanyu.
31. Swagat.
32. Archit.
33. Sandeep.
34. Aman Kaushik.
35. Amit Maggoo's cousin.

Mod Team: Shamik..

Travel plan fixed as if now.

Narender,RK,Maharaj,Prashant and Aman in Narender's Car.

Vikas,Meenu,Vaibhav and Amit Bhardwaj in Vaibhav's Car.

My Suggestions: East Delhi Guys(5 of you here till now): plan your travel.

Amit Maggoo will bring his car and can acccomodate at least 3 members: Contact him.

Dr. Sunil can bring along Rajan, Dev and Swagat.

Adventurenorth and Surender can also accomodate 2 more guys but from Tikri Border.

Rest of the gang still in the process of finalising their mode of travel..
I am East Delhite, can someone give me lift pleaseeeeeee :rolleyes:, I would like to spend more time along with your company.

Rajan Arora

Active Member
Damn, its confirmed. Will not be able to attend 2nd year in a row.

Some family function has clashed with the meet.

My bad luck. :(