DIY central lock with horn like hyundai creta i20 verna


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I saw many cars (top end) specially i20 and etc, their central locking sounds come through its horns. which sound premium.

after much research I found the solution hence sharing the details.

You can use this in any car of any model (preferably who are using dual horn) ... I will post video of this DIY.. but here I am posting a diagram to clear all doubts..

DIY Requirement ..

1. Good copper wire

2. Two Good quality car horn relay

3. some car thimble

and some basic knowledge of car's horn wiring .. ( no issue you can show this diagram to car electrician too, he will do the needful)



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Hi. That's a very clear explanation. But i'm encountering 1 problem.
When the alarm goes off the horn starts honking continuously. Also unlocking the car doesn't help. Any solution to bypass this? That the horns will work like a flasher when the alarm goes off.