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What many friends in Chandigarh have done is to have a proper kitchen and a toilet tent with Chemical toilet. One elderly couple were keen to have a proper toilet and they went for something like a kitchen in a box similar to what you showed. But this is not a convenient idea for elderly couple. The best option is to go for Eicher or Swaraj Mazda. Even with all cost cutting the RV is not going to cost less than 10 Lakhs. You have to research Indian market to find out available accessories. There are many available and many after market fitment guys like DC or Babbaraju or Pandit have very good quality accessories. Another problem with the Force is water storage. there is no space for large tanks. You cannot place the water tank on the top as it will make the vehicle unsteady. In case of Mazda and Eicher, there is sufficient gap around the Chassis frame which can accommodate not only water, but also some storage, Inverter and extra fuel tank. If you are abroad currently, you can pick up many items like Chemical Toilet, Stainless Steel pump for water, indoor lights, etc. from boat and RV supply stores. It is better to get in touch with some of the enthusiasts with experience.

If you are serious about it, you should not even think about Dost. as your would be requiring it on need basis, I would suggest you to talk to the fabricators whom Koshy sir is recommending and hire it. Use it for 6 months or so and send it back. Just a suggestion.

You may even contact a few people who deal in vanity vans and get a customized van ready for you on hire. though you would be spending a bit more on rents, but if it is for decent amount of time, you can get some good rates.

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There are many Manufacturers in India for Camper Van.
Then 2nd hand Camper Van must be available in India.

2nd hand vehicles for sale in Andhra Pradesh (Swaraj Mazda type):

In Delhi:
These people have sale purchase page, means 2nd hand vans are available on every size of vehicles / chasis.
Try online 2nd hand camper vans.
Call fabricators.

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This is how DIY was possible in other country but You can have some guidelines to follow.
You have to know and be semi expert of maintenance issues also.

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Many Foreigners came India and want to have local made camper vans.
when they leave after sometime, those vans must be left for sale.
You can check these 2nd hand vans at some cities / places, like Goa, Gujrat, Rajasthan etc.

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This was available and sold, may be available for sale again :

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Costly Body Fabricators- Camper vans:
Space Tech - Camper Van
Ask them any 2nd hand van available.
Their ad:
Caravan in india - Salem - RVs - Campers - Caravans
Anyone interested to convert their vehicle to Caravan please contact us. As per customer requirement we
convert tata winger/mazda/eicher as camper vans. Inside the vehicle we provide
7.gps dish tv & video system
13.pull out tent and many more...
pls visit our site We @ SPACE-TECH specialize in Mobile Living Solutions to know more about our products.
Thanks & Best regards
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Salem, India
Mob: 0- 95855 01599
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Great job of gathering information, Satinder! :cool:

However, nothing is possible in the stipulated budget range. :(


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Few weeks back I saw two Car-vans at Big Boys Toys Showroom MG road (Delhi). You can find more information from their website and call them also to get more info.


A very old van can be in budget.
But Maintainence cost will be high.
As asked by him DOST will be available
at cheaper price but at cramped space.
I have seen many Matador Vans standing at
Roads and selling Chinese food.

But only problem is toilet / sanitary area and Kitchen is not possible in interiors.

If You check pictures of record making Ladakh Tour by Tractor & Trolley:

It is still possible with some compromises.

Beds are not problem.
They can be folded type or train type or Stack type.

I find it difficult to spare a fix place of 48 inch x 36 inch feet for toilet cum shower in small vehicle.
If a bathroom with shower place can be made foldable can save a lot space.
But then toilet should be useable for all time.
A bathroom space can be shared with Kitchen area or vice-versa.

Toilet cum shower can be seen in toilets of latest Bogies of Indian Railway (Express Trains).
I may have pictures, will try to post.

Other demands can be fulfilled.
But some technical and common sense for doing these types of jobs must be there.

But our Rajpal Rao is not a technical person.
It will be difficult for him to do.
But there are many ideas that can be worked upon.

If I have to make such place in a vehicle.
I will prefer a Tractor Trolley, detachable.
If a tractor trolley can be made then why not a tata 407/609 can be used for such thing.

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I have seen people moving in JUGAAD - Pump type Engine with Trolley (Tractor) type Body.
They are also simple people with not much budget.
But a man with family who's lifestyle is not as as those villagers,
may be difficult for him to find anything in budget.

This project is always possible in given budget
but with some compromises
without much luxuries involved.

If someone is keen on doing such things, He can do it.

I want to know what Mr Rajpal Rao wants do in that one year and where he wants to go.
It all depends on all this.

For Big Cities, lifestyle is not that much comparable.
But for small city standards, it is possible with small budget.

Even Bullock Cart type old Camper Homes made by villagers
are now converted to Jugaad Engines (diesel water pump engine for agricultural land).
These are of bed type only.
These have No Bathrooms and No kitchens
Everything is done in open area.

As I have cleared in my earlier posts that all other things are possible.
except compromises with Kitchen and Sanitation area only.

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Indian Railway Bogies are good example of running camper type caravan.
These can be model.
Bathroom area is small enough.
Kitchen will also claim same area sdie by side.
Open area left will have beds.
Goods of daily use can be placed above head area.
Loft can be made above kitchen area to keep goods / inverter/battery / square bathroom water tank by Sintex.
Batteries can be placed under floor in chasis also with opening in floor of living cabin area.
These are many possibilities.

Mr Rajpal Rao have a drawing in his mind.
All depends on him how things can be done with the help of
Body Fabricators, cheaper ones who make Tractor Trolleys.

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Mr Rajpal Rao, You have to do some research on all these possibilities.
I think You can achieve much, if not all, with in some adjustable budget also.

Please keep in mind the van can be sold also later, as in those touring times,
You may get offers to sell the vehicle to the visitors visiting You.
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Dear Prasham,

Thank you for your time and advise. I was a bit hesitant also on used vehicle for a family tour...
but thought these brands like tata, mahindra, leyland are reliable from that point...

I am not looking of a luxirous motorhome but which meets basic needs while on travel and offers freedom.
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