Do I need advance booking for hotels in leh?


Hello Guys,

Though I have been to ladakh couple of times earlier but only as a biker where accommodation used to be basic but now I'm planning to do it with my newly wed in early July.

So what can be a good accomodation in leh. Any suggestions of hotels (not too costly).

And also do I need to have them pre-booked?

Any suggestions on it would be appreciated.


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Yes, it would be good if you book in advance. July is season so places will be mostly crowded.
It is one thing travelling solo and another thing travelling with wife that too newly wed. :p
Call up Hotel Asia. It is a good hotel to stay with family, been there thrice. How much is your per night budget?

Yogesh Sarkar

Unless you want to stay at a particular hotel or don’t want to look for options after landing in Leh, book in advance. Otherwise, in July most of the Indian tourist is gone, so it is relatively quiet.

Having said that, Hemis Festival is on 3rd and 4th July. So if you’re landing in Leh at that time, it would be a good idea to book in advance.


Thanks guys.

I'll be landing on 9th July for a week. The plan is to go to just one or two places.

I'm open to both options given I don't have to run after looking for accomodation. If its easy affair getting in leh and finding good accomodation at that time, I'm alright without bookings.

And if we are talking about booking advance, only thing for me is to have decent rooms and stay. That's why looking for suggestions on hotels. I guess 3-4k of budget per night should be ok.