Do you buy branded furniture?


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I had the same experience with our first-&-last purchase of a sexy TV Wall Unit made of MDF. It went out of shape in less than a year. Sold it for peanuts to replace it for usual wooden and plyboard stuff.
Starting today I'm about to find out how my experience with the sexy MDF TV wall unit goes.

It was delivered this morning and will be. Fitted later this evening.

Any recommendations for beds and dining tables?


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Please share some pics of it.

One tip:
Do not put heavy objects (just for example, a CRT TV!) on slab without any support beneath it, if the wall unit is made up of MDF.
Also avoid keeping hot objects like cup of tea/coffee on it!

How about a glass top dining table? It looks great and need less maintenance than a wooden top one.

For beds: I saw a double bed (on display in HomeTown/HomeStore in TGIP) with some iron chasis kinda support from inside. It was slightly more expensive than standard MDF beds on display. But the SR told us that it is much more sturdier than others. Try to look for something like that.
Indizen, When in Delhi why don't you once visit Harinagar Furniture Market, you can get very good designs both in Board and solid wood at reasonable prices.

Though the price they quote may be initially high, but if you negotiate you can get them upto 30-35% down, especially when you are buying bed and Dining table, it may be worth a try.

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Indizen....i would strongly suggest a strong wood frame Bed and not a branded, flimsy MDF type one. they look stylish,,sexy or whatever but they are not good quality. do try and buy Sheesham, or other thick wooden framed bed. i just bought a beautiful bed from Fabindia for around 50 grand and it fabulous. i like their thick wood. why don't you try place called Sharma farms near Mehrauli, they have great stuff.


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SachinOnTop;83567 How about a glass top dining table? It looks great and need less maintenance than a wooden top one. .[/QUOTE said:
I fell for a table with a granite top. It looks cool.
Lemme see if my family Okays it!
Granite Top is too heavy and used mostly in restaurants and open air.

Check for stuff in MOP (Mother of Pearl) exquisite designs and not so common. These are embedded in wood.

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I don't exactly plan to carry it around!
It looks like granite, they are calling it marble top embedded in steel, on a MDF pedestal.
It looks neat!


Is it worth paying for branded furniture? Or is it better to choose something cheaper and replace it in a few years?