Dolma Restaurant, Diskit (Nubra Valley)

Yogesh Sarkar

Dolma Restaurant had proved to be a savior for [MENTION=6]darkside_of_d_sun[/MENTION] and me in 2005, when we had to choose between eating sweet chow mein or sleeping empty stomach. Although at that time we had maggi, this time around, I decided to have aloo paratha with omelette. While neither was what I would term tasty, both were alright and food was comparatively economical (Rs. 160 for 4 parathas, 2 omelettes, cup of dal and 2 cup of teas) and for me, Dolma Restaurant once again proved to be a savior, since rest of the restaurants in Diskit weren’t open early in the morning, when I was feeling extremely hungry, having photographed the sunrise.



Yogesh Sarkar

Tell me about it. I had to gulp it down with a bottle of cold drink, since the sauce that restaurant had, was sweet as well!


Sandeep Kaul
Well, berkfast doesn't seem to be everybody's cup of tea. Breakfast is quite another thing, though!

Please see the signboard in the first pic :grin:


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I am not fond of sweetness in my savoury dishes. It is a rare dish of sweet savoury that I enjoy so yeah 'Yuck!' for sweet noodles. I completely sympathise with you Yogesh.