Down the Memory Lane .. Faded .. 1984

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1984 : When there were hardly any Colour Photo Labs in India. The Print costed Rs. 5/- per Post Card. 6"x4" size Print was not known - cost of Film roll excluded.
I got married February and had a Canon AE-1 Pogram with F1.4 Fixed Lens and dedicated Flash. Asked the Photographer to use my Camera and I will get the prints myself - expose the Rolls and return to me. Got a piece of advice which left my head spinning and ringing Bells in my ears.
"Paaji, yeh Camera bekaar hai. Aap is ko bech kar Pentax K-1000 le lo" he advised. Felt like kicking the guy then and there, but apnee shaadi bhi to latak rahi thhee.
In short, for a common man, a good Camera was an extravaganza and photo was meant for own 'Thobda' and not for Landscape or Sceneries.
So, I also have some of those memories being pasted below. What now is a Selfie Stick, was the Tripod then.
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Mussoorie : 1984

We (Me and my new-new Wife) rode from Delhi to Mussoorie on Chetak. The trip was planned as Delhi - Dehradun - Mussoorie - Paonta Sahib - Jagadhari Workshop (my in-laws stayed there then) - Delhi.
GPS did not exist.
Road Signs - whats that ?
Previous trips along the same route - None.
Maps - None.
And we embarked on the trip with little knowledge from Atlas and .... at every Fork or Intersection - Take the most used road (observe the Tarmac)
Started drizzle and rain from Roorkee and reached Dehradun. Took up Hotel there. Rs. 80/- per day for a spacious Room with a very clean attached Bath.
While tourists to Mussoorie had the option of Bus or shared Ambassador Taxi, we rode on our Chetak.
At Lunch there, met a couple who told us that they are staying in Mussoorie paying Rs. 200/- with a very small Toilet and just One Bucket of Water.

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When moved to Dubai, took all my photographs with me and had scanned them.

Lucky me .... the photographs were all lost when shifting back to India

Some more photos to follow