Dream come true, Bike trip to Thailand, Laos & Myanmar


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So, it's true.

Its not the ride, it's the rider.

Wondering who is the rider of this ride.


Found Shell Petrol Bunk there, so clicked.


The bike trip was to start the next day. So had some dinner and local beer and finished packing before sleeping. It was a big day ahead. I have been dreaming of the bike trip since so many years. Finally, tomorrow was the big day.
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The best thing about having a guided tour with Bigbiketours was they took care of everything. Everything means, all meals, stays in good hotels, water and a service truck which followed us on our trip. They also provide gear, except boots and riding pants.

We were three people, me, my wife and a person from England, who were on the Golden Triangle trip. The plan was to ride the itinerary of day 1 and meet the second group who were on a 10 day bike trip, halfway. The tour leader gave us some pointers and we started the trip. Tour leader was heading the group while the service truck followed us. It felt quite safe and you can just ride at your leisure.

This is the service truck that assigned to us.

They have two service trucks I think because both of them were deployed that day. One for us and the other one for the group which signed dup for 10 day trip.


Random clicks



After around 4 hours of riding, we met the other group. All were above 60, the riders. Quite proficient ones, I must say.


We took a lunch break. Well, I am non vegetarian and my wife is vegetarian. Most of the food served was eatable, I mean we are not used to eat food without spices. But it was good enough that we filled our palate and hopped on the bikes again.


I have shot using gopro too, but haven't edited the video yet. I will do it once I get time.

Some random clicks en route.



We stopped for refuelling our bikes.


We needed to ride ahead and reach Wat Tha Ton, before sunset as advised by our tour guide.

So after that, we just stoped for water breaks and headed straight to our destination.

The trip is quite comfortable and I was riding BMW GS 310 . I must say that I was contemplating selling my RC 390 and buying this bike. The comfort for the rider as well as the pillion is awesome. I mean, I never felt that comfort even on RE.


Wat Tha Ton. Me and wife are on the bike which has a pillion. Everyone else rode solo. My wife has started learning a bike and hopefully the next time we ride, she can ride a bike solo too.


This pic below is from the official page of BigBikeTours.


We then rode back to our halt for that day.

I also want to mention one thing, me and my wife were feeling so tired that we just wanted to rest. A German couple, who had their kids who were of our age, went in the hotel, changed their clothes and jumped in the pool. I felt so bad about myself. Maybe it's time to exercise more.

We had beers and were told to meet in the lobby at 8'0 clock for dinner.

Thai Rum . SangSom


In Thailand, eat as Thai people do


Went out for a little stroll and clicked


The bikes needed rest and so did we.


This was some local herb/medicine that is quite effective at putting one to sleep. I doubted that it had opioids but did had it before sleeping. It worked like a charm and I slept like a baby.



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There was an elephant sanctuary that we visited the first day. Our tour guide asked us," there are so many elephants in India, do you really want to see elephants?" Well, had to see them. We have seen elephants but have not seen baby elephants up close.

so took a stop to see the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai.




Some pics from near our hotel in Wat Tha Ton


This person is 66 years old and he rides his bike so good. He is from Switzerland. I asked him why he is riding bikes at this age, he said that he has been riding bikes all his life. Before that he was in Finland for 6 months, now he is in Thailand for his love for bikes.

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Upload the video as well when you get time.
I will, I had some issues with my memory cards of the action cam in the trip so some videos were shot using phone. I have to compile them.

That baby elephant is so cute. I guess their elephants are smaller than the ones found in India?

They seemed smaller. yes. Thai people worship elephants. There were elephants everywhere in Thailand.


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Next morning we had to go to Golden Triangle. We had our breakfast and as advised by our tour leader, engine start at 8.00 a.m. One of the person in our group had some problems with his bike's front tyre. They were Pirelli, not stock of course. So the person who was riding the bike in front of us, the tour leader, got into the service truck and the person riding the service truck went to get the tyre mended. I don't know how he managed to do that at 8.00 a.m.but they had a spare so we got on with our ride.


Some morning pics




Our first stop was Karen village tribe. It is a tribe of immigrants that migrated from Myanmar. The king of Thailand gave them asylum here and also gave them land to cultivate and earn their livelihood.

We parked our bikes on the road and as usual left everything on the bikes, except bike's keys. We then went ahead in a WWII era mini bus which was about to crack any second, it felt.


The Karen tribe people have this superstition that a tiger comes whenever a girl is born and attacks on their neck, severing their jugular vein. So the karen tribe women wear these rings to protect their necks. It is around 6kgs in weight and as the girl grows, the ring is made bigger too. They now have some hand craft too to support their livelihood.

Our tour guide told us that now it's not about superstition in this tribe. They make their girls to wear these rings because the girls are so beautiful and there are incidences of rape with them. If one sees them wearing this ring, the person thinks that these girls are cursed and hence no such horrific incidents happen. Yes, the girls there were quite beautiful.


We spent around an hour and a half there and then went to our next destination, Choui Fong Tea Plantation in Mae Chan.



Some issues with bike's chain, our tour leader sorting it out.


Everything was made of tea or tea extracts. The pastry too. I had a green tea and a pastry.






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