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Re: Dream >> Explore >> Discover .. .. .. .. Ladakh & Zanskar => June

What a beautiful update Sajal Bhai
I always wait for the log to be updated.. :)
Now waiting for the next episode :)


Re: Dream >> Explore >> Discover .. .. .. .. Ladakh & Zanskar => June

Thanks anupamtiwari , Sanu bhai , Ananya1 ji , aashishkul ji , Roadhunk ji , SHEKHAR 257 ji , adsatinder pa ji , Sunny Khanduja ji , asheshr ,Captan ji, VITHAL ji , Virendra Singh Choudhary ji , sanjay.panchal ji ,CoolVirgo ji ,hiambuj ji & Vijay09 ji for the appreciation.
Sir, i am younger to you so please don't call me ji, only roadhunk is enough. :D


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Re: Dream >> Explore >> Discover .. .. .. .. Ladakh & Zanskar => June

sajal ji nice updates. wow!! that's some toilet with a view that the monks are having.
Thanks smoothwanderer ji.

supa dupa ride-ice on the road-dangerous but so enchantingly beautiful!
Thanks Gaurav Chopra ji ......after seeing lots of snow.....it was nice to spot some ice :)

lovely writeup with beautiful snaps waiting for next update.
Thanks deepaktomar ji.....next update's pics already selected....uploading will be done tomorrow.

Amazing and detailed travelogue with beautiful Pics Sajal ji! And, hats off for doing it solo.

Waiting for more .. :)
Thanks anubhavt ..... Till now SOLO , but from Day 10 , 11 & 12 (17.6.14 to 19.6.14) was not solo. Then again Solo till end of ride

Another update with stunning pictures Sajal ji...
Thanks for posting the link of Saqi hotel,it may help many
I can spend many days in such a clean ventilated dorm.:eek:
Thanks Narender Master Ji....... After finding Saqi hotel....two bikers finding some hotel were bought their. But I Hope that after reading this travelogue other riders will not roam around searching for night stay... :)

Travelogue of past riders must help future riders :rolleyes:

What a beautiful update Sajal Bhai
I always wait for the log to be updated.. :)
Now waiting for the next episode :)
Thanks Sanu Bhai...next update's pics already selected....uploading will be done tomorrow.
You always encourage me to write/post ...Thanks Bhaina

I am following this Log
Hats off to your ride.
Thanks Ananya1 ji.....Happy to learn that senior member like you , who has roots in Cuttack is following my travelogue. Feels good.

amazing pics
Thanks Ashesh :rolleyes:

Sir, i am younger to you so please don't call me ji, only roadhunk is enough. :D
Ok ...Thanks Roadhunk :D

great journey.....wonderful pics
Thanks guruparab233 ji......best is yet to come ;)


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Re: Dream >> Explore >> Discover .. .. .. .. Ladakh & Zanskar => June

Sajal Bhai

I am confessing something here...
\Few logs really few logs are closest to my heart...
and this is one i can openly and proudly say


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Re: Dream >> Explore >> Discover .. .. .. .. Ladakh & Zanskar => June

Day 9 = Dt. 16th June 14.

Total Km traveled 250. Ride time from 9 AM to 6:30 PM. Kargil to Leh .
Crossed Namika La and Fotu La Pass, Lamayuru ,confluence of Zanskar and Indus River,Magnetic Hill , Gurudwara Pather Saheb, Hall of Flame.

Sometimes journey is more beautiful than the destination.
This is true for today's ride.

In my page 1 of this travelogue I had posted a pic (pic not by me) which touched me very much.


I tried to copy this with myself in the pic. And I am very happy with the outcome. Made it my cover pic at FB.

Leh Cover Pic.jpg

Got ready for the day's ride. Had breakfast at Saqi Hotel. View from Saqi hotel's breakfast table. Those two riders were to get their bike repaired and washed. So I started Solo. Searched for Helmet Visor ,but could not get one.


Filled up petrol after crossing suru river.Took this pic at Kargil City View Point.


Starting road is bad and under construction for around 10 KM. Landscape was also turning less green to more brown.


Landscape of Kargil Leh road is completely different


Now landscape around was completely brown with different shades


That differently looking black mountain was perhaps Namika La


Some scenic patch


At 11 AM I reached Namika La Pass. 12198 feet. This was my third pass since I started from Srinagar.


Landscape with some green patches and shades of Brown


Also saw some black mountains & few snow capped mountains


Landscape was totally different than what I saw till now


Reached Fotu La Top Pass at around 12.15 PM. This is 13479 feet.
This was highest Point between Srinagar Kargil Leh Highway.


View of Lamayuru Monastery


I had lunch of Chowmein at a road side eatery at Lamayuru. I saw two Yamaha bikes parked outside. Inside that eatery I met two young bikers from Ghaziabad. They were also riding towards Leh.
They were Pankaj Gautam & Amir Ahmad. Great riders and good human beings. We rode together from Day 10 , 11 & 12 (17.6.14 to 19.6.14) till Pangong Tso. I had made two good friends in this trip :D

Now my ride was NOT solo ;)

The moonland / moonscape after Lamayuru


My bike enjoying beauty of Moonland ;)


After crossing Indus River Bridge , We saw this info board by BRO & decided to take a pic


Leh was 95 KM from this place. We also took this signature pic of ours, featuring Amir Ahmad , Myself and Pankaj Gautam with Indus river and mountain in background.


River Indus. This water here is mixture of Zanskar & Indus River. But Indus River is having more clear water than Zanskar River.


Different type of Mountain and colour also


Good road along side Indus River


That is Pankaj Gautam riding his Yamaha


This is Amir Ahmad riding his Yamaha and always quick in taking picture with his mobile. Me and Pankaj used to take time clicking with DSLR. But Amir was very quick and took more pictures than me and Pankaj. He took pic of me while I was taking this pic ;) that to while riding. :D


And Then came this beauty. I had dream of taking pic in this beautiful road.


Such road are only found here between Kargil Leh. Feels so good to ride on such road. You could touch top speed here, but enjoying ride with scenic beauty needs slow-medium speed . And yes lots of pictures are taken here by many tourists. It is a picture point.


And then saw confluence of Zanksar and Indus River. The clear water from left is Indus River and brown river is Zanskar. I had seen birth place of River Zanskar on day 7, 14 the June .And today the end point of Zanskar also !


Then came famous Magnetic Hill . It was around 4.30 PM at that time.


Amir Ahmad took this pic ...myself , My bike, Amir's bike and Pankaj riding his bike.


To the east of Magnetic Hill Road there is a mountain in which "MAGNETIC HILL " is written in BIG letters. I had seen videos of riders riding near this BIG letters. Pankaj went riding there first. Then I also went riding there.
You can spot me in a blue spot.


Pankaj took video of this in my mobile and Amir took this great snap of mine riding


Visited Gurudwara Sri Pather Sahib and had prasad at 5.00 PM


This was the view just before Leh


First view of Leh with Duke 390 of the rider from Jamshedpur who helped me fix my broken Helmet Visor at Rangdum , yesterday.


Took a picture with that Gentleman rider as a memory. God Bless all those who help unknown persons.


At Hall of Flame


Then we wasted a hour in searching for hotel / Guest House with parking . But finally found Broad View Guest House at changspa area of Leh . Owner Aakash Tamang met us on road and suggested me to come to his Guest house with Parking & hot water facility. Aakash was very helpful and cooperative. He charged us Rs.500 for DB room with attached bathroom/toilet. Uploading his visiting card for the use of other riders


Had dinner at Neha Snacks in Main Market. The main market closes at around 9.00 PM. Others are advised to visit this for dinner before that for better choice.

My/our ride map for the day was


coming up .... next .... ILP(inner line permit) at DC office at Leh , Shey Palace , Thiksey Monastery , Hemis Monastery , "3 Idiot " Movie school (Druk White Lotus School) & Rancho's Cafe

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